Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Treats

The tiny mailboxes are out this morning, and I am actually up before the kids with my contacts in my eyes, hot coffee in my cup, and camera at hand.

The bounty this year, everything below retail, including the books with my Barnes and Noble membership.  I felt extra justified in the books since B&N ran a book fair for the Nugget's school fundraiser.  As always, this is not a sponsored post, just sharing gift ideas!

The Hug Machine by Scott Campbell
Teddy bear Lindt chocolate from a four pack on Christmas clearance at CVS
Annie's bunny fruit snacks, purchased with Target coupon
Micro pack of bubble gum (I buy the bags of Orbit brand micro packs when they go on clearance at Target).
Die cast airplane from Christmas clearance at Barnes and Noble

Olivia and the Perfect Valentine by Natalie Shaw
Fruit snacks and chocolate
Stickers from last year's Valentine's clearance
Die cast bulldozer, also on Christmas clearance

I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa Mccourt.
Fruit snacks and chocolate
Self-inking stampers from the seasonal section of CVS.

Bargain hunters, be sure to head out tomorrow to snatch up some Valentine's clearance for next year!