Friday, June 28, 2013

Indy June 2013

We made our annual trek to Indy to spend time with Spork's birthfamily.  We scheduled the trip this year close to his birthday so this side of our family could celebrate our favorite soon-to-be 2-year-old!  One of my favorite things about these pictures is that he's basically launching himself from one fun thing to the next, which a pretty apt description of Spork at this age.  One super amazing factoid is that Spork's Mumsie was adopted, and she now knows her own birthfamily, so this branch of our family tree is incredibly full of folks who love that Spork.

We enjoyed Mimi and Bobby's pool for hours on Friday, went to the zoo on Saturday morning (but some idiot forgot her camera), celebrated with the extended fam on Saturday evening (put them all in the pool for about 5 minutes before the lightning started, so I am now a pro at wrestling kids in and out of swimmies at warp speed), and had a fun morning at Holliday Park before heading home.  The kids all slept amazingly well this trip, which means we did a good job exhausting them. 

Mumsie and Spork in the pool.

 Spork with Aunt B & Uncle B.

 Spork loves his Mimi (Mumsie's mom).


 Cake time!

 Reading with Gramsie (Mumsie's birthmom)

 The Nugget with Aunt A, who is possibly the only adult in the world with energy to match his own.

Spork at Holliday Park.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Strawberry Season

We were bummed last spring that the unseasonably hot weather wilted our local strawberry crop.  This year, the slow warm up yielded plentiful delicious berries, so we dressed the tots in red to hide the juice stains and headed to the fields on the first non-rainy Sunday.  

Tater feet on the tractor. 

Spork Before.

 Spork After.  Possibly 3 pounds heavier.

The Nugget takes his taste-testing very seriously.

Menagerie avec trois

So in a fit of insanity, I took all three kids to the zoo this week.  I did, however, take the leash dog backpack with a handle for a tail for Miss Runaway Tater, which helped because she got to walk a lot more, which pleased her and we didn't lose her, which pleased me.  Still, I was a bit embarrassed, Hubby and I agree it's the parenting equivalent of the cone of shame.  Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Some things I will remember next time:
1.  Quarters for fish food
2.  My zoo cup for refills
3.  Reminding the Nugget before we enter that it's train OR pony ride OR butterflies, not all 3.  Holy brat attack, Batman.
4.  That the Nugget eats 5x slower than the the others, so I need to pack something for them to do while the Nugget is eating, or perhaps even send him to a picnic table for a head start while the babes check out the nearby critters.

Some things I discovered:
1.  A 5 year old big brother will be very excited to "walk" his little sister on the leash.  He will, however, also treat her like a dog ("Come now!" "Stop!"), so Mommy will remove that authority quickly.
2.  The one who stays right by my side when walking will also not want to get out of the stroller.
3.  All the children will find a traffic cone and the misting sprinkler much more exciting than the animals or the $2/ticket train ride.

 Boys on the train

Boys on the tortoise.

Peekaboo, papparazzi!
Tater gets up close and personal with a "Caaa!"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Humor me

Dear Nugget,
You are done with preschool, and off to Kindergarten in the fall!  You used to cling to me like an octopus at drop-off, and I'd have to leave with your howls ringing in my ears and your tears streaming down your soft round cheeks, but now you giggle in the halls, high-five the teachers, and your newly-gangly self is bursting with confidence.  We gave you an "extra" preschool year, and we're so happy we did, because instead of being worried and anxious about K, you are now chomping at the bit to get to that big-kid classroom.  We love you, and we are so proud of you.  Can't wait to see what comes next!

 The Nugget's first day of preschool - 3 years old.

The Nugget's last day of preschool - 5.5 years old.
(plus a Spork who can't wait for his first day)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First and Last Day in the 4/5's


Hotel California

Nugget (to Spork and Tater): "Welcome to Toddlertown (a small scale playspace at a local playground).  You can come to Toddlertown, but you can't leave.
M:  Like Hotel California?

 Contrary to rumor, Spork was in fact, able to leave Toddlertown.  Phew.

N:  My silly old feet just keep growing bigger and bigger.

Big feet (now size Youth 2.5!) and little feet.

N:  Mommy, don't look at my toes! (curls them up)
M:  Why?
N:  They are feeling shy, like turtles.  Did you know their favorite food is pulled pork?
M:  Your toes have a favorite food?
N:  No, the turtles like pulled pork.  My toes don't eat anything.  They just grow muscles when I eat.

Geek Chic in matching t-shirts from CERN.

N: (spots a helicopter overhead) Look!  Look!
S:  Look at that!  Wow, look at that!
M:  Mmm, a helicopter.
N:  It's a Cobra helicopter.  It's really good at shooting.
M:  (WTF???)  Umm, I hope it's not shooting anyone today.
N:  Don't worry, it only shoots people when they make sad choices.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Silly Giraffe, cinnamon toast is for kids!

Nugget (to Daddy):  You're not a man, you're a Daddy.

Daddy (to Spork and Tater):  Are you sure you don't want to hear the rest of this story?  It's riveting!

A conversation between the Nugget and his Giraffe (voiced by Mommy)
N:  Giraffe, did you know it's cinnamon toast day at school tomorrow?
G:  Hooray!  I can't wait to have some!
N:  Well, actually you can't have any cinnamon toast, because you're a lovie.  Also your mouth doesn't open.
G:  Awww, man!
N:  But maybe I can make you some pretend cinnamon toast in dramatic play.

N:  Mommy, please turn down the radio, I have to tell you something.
M:  Go ahead.  I'm listening!
N:  If you are bald, you have to put a lot of oil on your head.

N:  (on the swings)  I'm going so high, it's like I'm flying.  I'm a flying pan!
M:  What's a flying pan?
N:  (looking concerned about Mommy's lack of intellectual capabilities)....a pan that flies.

Spork and Tater, inspired by their big brother, have already learned to use the "regular" swings.  Spork was hesitant at first but now begs constantly to go higher.  Even when there's someone pushing him already, he whines, "More!  More!  More!  More!"

Spork is still on the nap boycott, but often we are so busy in the spring/summer, that he passes out in the car, and we can transfer him to his crib.  But when he wakes up, it's as if he looks around and curses that his boycott was broken by his own exhaustion, and he wakes up with the "angry cry"!

Tater has started to call every quadruped animal a dog.  While inaccurate, it's very cute.