Sunday, October 26, 2014

That would be too crazy

Tater is a funny little parrot, who can chirp back nearly any word she hears on the first try. (In other words, you must not swear in our house.) She came giggling down the stairs with big brother one evening with a wild twinkle in her eye, and I mentioned, "You look slightly crazy, Tater." She was pleased with the assessment and squawked back, "Slightly crazy! I slightly crazy! Nugget, you slightly crazy?" The Nugget didn't skip a beat and replied, "No, I'm crazy-crazy," before laughing maniacally and somersaulting on the couch. Lord help me.

The Nugget helped Grammy complete a truly awesome tarantula costume this week, and he is taking great delight in spinning yarn webs around the house and chasing his squealing little siblings around the house in the full get-up. 

This past week at tap class, the children were invited to wear their costumes.  The Nugget solemnly passed on the message to us, "We can wear our costumes to tap this week, but no robots, because that would be too crazy."  He also worried that his tarantula suit would frighten the younger kids, so he was a tapping race car driver instead.

Everyone drops what they are doing when Daddy comes home from work. It must be a bit overwhelming to have 3 beings vying for your attention, one of whom is usually covered with food goop (Spork), another might have soap suds on her hands and be missing her pants (Tater), and the third is talking a mile a minute about machinery or the complexity of the social hierarchy in Lower El.  Anyway, when Daddy turned from the chaos to change out of his work clothes last night, Tater chased him and yelled, "Wait, Daddy!  I have a wink for you!" And he turned to see her little face contorted into what she thinks is a wink.  Ask your favorite 2yo to wink, I guarantee you won't be able to stop laughing.

While the Nugget was showing off his sizeable pumpkin, Spork tried to lift it.  The Nugget warned, "Careful, Spork.  It's a toe-crusher."

Last but not least, a photo dump from the pumpkin patch.  All hail fall.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Mouse, a Wedding, and a Lollipop

If you live in an older home like we do, you enjoy the nice thick plaster walls that keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, the charm of built-in cabinets, the character of a unique floor plan, and the perk of rodent visitors when the weather turns colder. We are prepared for rodentia this season with our most tempting food in plastic bins and an assortment of traps, but of course they always find something to nibble. Last week, they got into The Nugget's party favor box and gnawed up a couple mini chocolate bars he had been saving. He wailed in dismay, "Couldn't they see it had my name on it?" When I reminded him that mice probably can't read, he brightened and added hopefully, "Or maybe the mouse's name is Nugget too!"

We had a family wedding this month, and the Nugget kept checking to make sure that he was not in the wedding party. He was the most adorable ring bearer at my brother's wedding last year, a role that be elated and terrified him. I reassured him multiple times that we were just going to the reception. He squealed, "Do you mean that wonderful dance party?! Oooo, I can't wait!" He wanted to wear his tap shoes on the dance floor, but Grammy dissuaded him.  Still, the DJ played his tap routine song, "Rockin' Robin," and he performed the whole thing sans taps with a shy smile on his face.  Here's the Nugget hamming it up with Cousin Cabbage.  Oh, and did I mention the time that the Nugget got himself locked in handcuffs (photo booth props) that were missing the key?!  Thank goodness that Uncle T's skills with a butter knife liberated the child for more dancing. 

The todders behaved about as well as you could expect when kept in a car for 4 hours, then kept up past their bedtime.  Spork crashed into people in a flurry of excitement and tantrumed over not getting to poke people with the photo booth props, but he sure looked cute (bowtie by Grammy).

 Tater was extra snuggly and clingy and a little upset about the volume of the music, so she spent a lot of time caught up in cuddles.

Earlier this month, Cabbage, Bean, and family came to visit us for the first time in our current locale! We had a blast and were so happy to share the delights of Fall Fest with them.  K remarked how much fun they had but how absolutely exhausted she was.  Clearly, she's younger and in better shape than I am, because I feel that way all the time!

Tater surprised me when I took her for her flu shot. She abhors the sight of anyone in scrubs and has harbored a deep mistrust of medial offices since her infancy. Shots have always ended in frantic screaming, sometimes lasting all the way home.  I hopefully sang her the Doc McStuffins theme song and tucked lollipops in my purse, promising up front that she could have one after her shot. When she saw the needle, she screwed up her face to cry but remembered the lollipop and confirmed with me, "Ouch then lollipop?" and steeled herself. Not a tear, not a whimper, and even better than the sugar was the bandaid! Tater even said thank you to the nurse, who couldn't even believe it.

Tater has two big brothers who like to take on her, which is a good thing because a busy mama needs an alert that a box of baking soda has been dumped on the kitchen floor and is about to be topped with a bottle of honey in the 10 minutes it took to rock Spork and read Goodnight, Moon. I digress. Anyhoo, she now parrots back their exclamations while playing and it is kind of funny. "Hippo! That is NOT assepti-bowl. It is not! You put that down. I'm telling."