Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daddy Quotes

Hubby is really funny. I find him endlessly funny, anyway. Most of his funniness is unintentional, which makes it even better. He is remarkably intelligent, and his brain just works differently than 98% of humans. So this means that he can make connections and find solutions that no one else sees. It also means that that other simple things fly right over his head. Hey, you just can't have it all.

The scene - buying sunglasses
Cashier: Do you want to wear these outside?
Hubby: (long pause) Eventually.
Cashier: Um, I meant, do you want them in a bag?
The scene - playing bristle blocks with Nugget
Hubby: You know, I liked to build things when I was your age too.
Nugget: Yeah.
Me: What did you like to..? (I was going to say build, but he cut me off at the pass)
Hubby: (blurting quickly) Spaceships! Pretty much exclusively.

Doesn't this sound like something out of Napoleon Dynamite? My favorite part was how quickly he responded, before I could even finish my question. Like he'd been waiting for years for me to ask about his childhood bristle block creations.
The scene - dinner at Fazoli's
Me: Ooo, there's jokes on the Nugget's cup. Why did the tomato blush? Because it saw the salad dressing.
Hubby: (a minute passes) I don't get it.
Me: The salad was dressing. Like it was putting on clothes. And the tomato saw it naked. So it was embarrassed.
Hubby: What?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off to school

The Nugget started preschool this week.  Here is the mandatory first day photo.  My friend LH suggested taking a last day of the year photo as well, so I think we'll do that and compare.

How does the Nugget like school?:
1.  At drop off, the Nugget did not cling nor cry, but instead took off, his eyes set on a toy tractor.  I had to chase him down for a kiss goodbye.
2.  At pick up, the Nugget threw a huge tantrum for Daddy, because he did not want to leave school.
3.  We get notes from the teachers each day stating what he enjoyed and did.  They are happy glowing reports.
4.  The Nugget mentioned he was thankful for each teacher by name while saying grace at dinner.
5.  When we ask him about his day, he trips over his words because he has so much to tell us and is so excited to brag about what he did.  I cherish this stage - soon we'll ask what he did at school and the answer will be a sullen, "Nothing."  But for now it's, "I play, I played with streamers!  Did dancing with streamers.  There was music.  Played airplanes, airplanes go vroooommm-shhh, fly high in the sky, and I played helicopter goes chopchopchopchop, and a friend said no.  And a friend was sad, needed hug from teacher.  I played with friend J, J goes shoooook."

In the meantime, I am using the first hour of preschool to work out, the second to eat lunch and shower, the 3rd to scrapbook/clean, and the 4th to make dinner.  I get just enough of a break to feel like myself (and not "just a mom") again, but by hour #4, I am missing my little Nugget like crazy and can't wait to swoop him into my arms and hear all about his day.  I LOVE preschool.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Often now, we'll hear the Nugget muttering to himself while he plays.

"There's red, blue, and pink.  That's all the colors we have, ok? Ok."

"Dat ear-plane going to Chicago. It's a silver plane, has propellors, go fast. This airplane would not be safe to fly if something's wrong with the controls."

"I building a tower, ok? Where's de purple block? Oh, dere it is. It under de couch. I can get dat bwistle bwock. Eh-eh-ugh...I can't reach it. I need help. Oh, I got it!  Mommy, I got it by self."

"I'm a cat-ty, climbing couch. Meow. I need some milk. Ok, I get some milk. Yum-yum, slurp."

"You're a good Doggie. Doggie, I wuv you. You're a good dog."
Me: Can I give you a kiss?
Nugget: No, not now. Maybe later.
M: Ok, I will wait.
Nugget: Good job being patient, Mom.
(Nugget putting baby doll to sleep in an empty cardboard box)
Nugget: Putting baby to bed.
Daddy: Oh, is that her crib?
Nugget: No, it's a box.
Nugget:  Woof, woof!
Sitter:  Are you being a dog?  Can you wag your tail?
Nugget:  But I don't have a tail!  I only have a bottom.  Just a bottom.  (tearing up a little)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nugget Pronunciation Guide, Volume 2

The Nugget has what can only be described as an accent. But what country/region he's channeling, it's unclear. Hints of Boston with a Southern drawl, plus nasal New Jersey, and a smidgen of Jamaica? It is pretty much the cutest thing ever. (my personal favorite)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A day in the life of Bedtime Giraffe

8am: Geee-raay-fee! (Tosses her down the steps.) Wow, gee-raffe went far. She floated away, she flew down steps! Gee-raffe, whatcha doin' down there? Don't wanna go ka-booms.

9am: Gee-raffe wanna watch earplane video with me? Ok. (Twirls her in furious circles.) Look, gee-raffe spinning like propellor! Gee-raffe go fast!

12:30pm: Mommy, are we going home? Is gee-ray-ffe waiting for us? I bet she looking out window. Looking for our car, for Nugget and Mommy's car. Yeah...silly gee-ray-ffe. Hi giraffe, gee-raffy-raff. You ready for bed gee-raffe?

5:30pm: Gee-raffe wanna watch Nugget eat dinner. Sit there, gee-raffe. Gee-raffe watching. Silly gee-raffe.

7pm: Gee-ray-ffe wanna come see Nugget sit on potty. Gee-raffe giving Mommy kisses (mwah-mwah). Gee-raffe giving Daddy kisses (mwah-mwah). Aww, gee-raffe, that's nice.

***This post brought to you by the Nugget's great Uncle K and Aunt B, who graciously gifted us with the first edition giraffe. Giraffe body doubles by eBay and worth every overpriced penny. Giraffe has slept with the Nugget every night and naptime since he was 4 months old.***