Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A day in the life of Bedtime Giraffe

8am: Geee-raay-fee! (Tosses her down the steps.) Wow, gee-raffe went far. She floated away, she flew down steps! Gee-raffe, whatcha doin' down there? Don't wanna go ka-booms.

9am: Gee-raffe wanna watch earplane video with me? Ok. (Twirls her in furious circles.) Look, gee-raffe spinning like propellor! Gee-raffe go fast!

12:30pm: Mommy, are we going home? Is gee-ray-ffe waiting for us? I bet she looking out window. Looking for our car, for Nugget and Mommy's car. Yeah...silly gee-ray-ffe. Hi giraffe, gee-raffy-raff. You ready for bed gee-raffe?

5:30pm: Gee-raffe wanna watch Nugget eat dinner. Sit there, gee-raffe. Gee-raffe watching. Silly gee-raffe.

7pm: Gee-ray-ffe wanna come see Nugget sit on potty. Gee-raffe giving Mommy kisses (mwah-mwah). Gee-raffe giving Daddy kisses (mwah-mwah). Aww, gee-raffe, that's nice.

***This post brought to you by the Nugget's great Uncle K and Aunt B, who graciously gifted us with the first edition giraffe. Giraffe body doubles by eBay and worth every overpriced penny. Giraffe has slept with the Nugget every night and naptime since he was 4 months old.***

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  1. Josh has the same giraffe! And he loves it! I rub it on his cheek and say "Ahhh, softee" and he just giggles! He's been holding it in the swing. I wonder if it'll become his bff like B's!