Sunday, August 6, 2017

Family Reunion 2017

We were able to go to Hubby's family reunion this summer.  It's always an ordeal to herd these three to the other side of the country but always worth it.  After a full day of travel, they got right into nature for a dose of fresh air, hiking, and blackberries.

The next day, our Midwest kids woke on Midwest time, so we kept them busy with new toys as long as possible.  

When we got too rowdy, we went for a scenic drive.

Next, we hit a really fancy Mexican restaurant and out to the pool.

 The following day, we went to Ashland for Lithia Park.  There's a little creek that the kids can wade in, and it was a big hit.  I was wishing I could transport our preschool here, because so many discoveries were made out in that creek.

One of the highlights of the trip was the evenings, when we'd get together with the whole extended family.  Tater would put on her leotard and do gymnastics shows, complete with regulations for the audience, "Clap now!  You were the first clapper.  No beverages!"  Spork played gleefully and exuberantly and managed to skin another body part every day, so we hit the drugstore up for a huge box of band-aids, fixed him up, and sent him back out over and over again.  One cousin, M, played equally well with both the Nugget and Tater.  They climbed trees and made epic chalk art together.

Papa treated us to the jet boats.  Spork immediately shouted, "My lips are dry!"  I thought Tater would cry, but she gave the pilot and his cheesy jokes the side eye, and when we actually started, she had a wide smile plastered on her face.  The Nugget chanted, "One more spin!" towards the end of our ride until the pilot could not resist giving him another.  My favorite part was seeing an osprey snatch a fish out of the river.

The kids were sad to leave, but we were all ready to sleep in our own beds!