Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter 2015

We have been staying home the past few Easters and really love it!  For the second year in a row, Grammy and Grandpa AND Grandma and Papa came to visit, making it a very special holiday for the children.

We started a week early, with the downtown Eggstravaganza.  We have never gone before, and to be honest, I will need to block out the memory a bit if we want to go many people in so little space kind of freaks me a out a bit.  The Nugget and Tater happily endured a long line to meet E.B. though.  And Spork, who clearly stated that he wanted to sneak past the E.B. and go play was thrilled that little sister snagged him an extra egg and immediately put her in what I refer to as, "the headlock of gratitude". 

For the first time in forever, our friends couldn't get together for an candy egg hunt (sniffle), but we made do with our own family hunt on campus after swim lessons on Palm Sunday.  We kept it a surprise and while the children were finishing up lunch, I snuck to South Quad to hide eggs.  Several college kids eyed the colorful eggs wistfully, and I promised myself that next year, I would bring extra for our kids to hide for them.

On Good Friday, both Daddy and the Nugget had the day off, so we dyed eggs.  Or more accurately, I started the egg dyeing process with the children, set the oven timer to remind the Nugget to check on the eggs, then left to go help organize the preschool while Hubby (who hates messy art projects) probably cursed my name.

No worries though, I returned before the children got out the confetti, sequins, glue, hair dryer, and shrink wrap. 

Grandma and Papa's plane was delayed, which was about the worst thing that ever happened to the Nugget, by the amount of moaning heard.  I distracted him by baking bunny sugar cookies with pink frosting.  We saved a couple for Spork and Tater to decorate/inhale the next day. 

On Sunday, the children happily awoke to full baskets.  No pictures here because people may or may not have been wearing pants at the time.  We went to the Easter brunch on campus where the kids looked adorable, and Spork consumed a personal record amount of ham.  Tater was really excited that instead of a plate of fancy Easter food the she would have to push away in disgust, I was able to get her some fruit salad and a dry bowl of Life from the student cereal bar.  It's the little things.

After a rest, Grammy hid eggs for my family's traditional money egg hunt.  I have to say that inflation has really hit hard, because in my childhood, the coins were quarters (and we felt super rich to have

$2 in quarters!), and now they are gold dollars! 

It was such a gorgeous day, we finished it off with a trip to the zoo and playground before coming home for dinner and meltdowns.  All worth it, because the three children can now look towards the camera and smile simultaneously, an Easter miracle!