Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The days of the week, according to the Nugget:
Sunday, Oneday, Twoday, Wednesday, Tursday, Friday, Saturday
M: What do you think of the soybeans, Nugget?
N: I like them! I like these sillybeans. A combine picked these sillybeans for me.
The Nugget has been to the doctor twice in the past few months, for a his regular physical and again for an ear infection, so the doctor's kit is suddenly thrilling. Here's a typical physical with Dr. Nugget:
"I'm going to use this telescope (stethoscope) to check you. Hmm, I hear that. Ok, now I going to check your ears (with the toy tweezers, he refuses to use the otoscope). Beep! 30 pounds! Now you put that in your mouth (the thermometer). No, please put in mouth. Don't pretend, really do it! Garrumph. (when he realizes I am not putting it in my mouth). Ok, you're healthy. Now, I'm going to count your teeth with this mirror. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, 10 teeth!"
While dining out, the Nugget seemed to be staring into space for more than 5 minutes. This is an usual feat for him. Daddy asked him what he was thinking about, and he pointed to 2 fresh-faced teenage girls at the next table and stated, "Them." On the same note, I find it fascinating and a little frightening that his head frequently whips around like a frat boy's whenever a lovely lady walks past. I thought this didn't start until puberty.
At dinner, I was talking to Hubby while slicing up the Nugget's pancakes. The Nugget encouraged me, coach-like, "You can do it, Mommy! I know you can slice up my pancakes!" My slices must not have been efficient enough, because halfway through the first pancake, the Nugget added, "Focus, Mommy! Focus!"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Over the toll road and across the turnpike, to Grammy and Grandpa's we went! The Nugget talked a big game about eating turkey and pumpkin pie, basically for all of November. When he actually saw it on his plate, he passed. He did like the ham, rolls, cranberry sauce, black cherry jello, and cousin K's pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes.

The Nugget and I worked on a thankful chain all month. He cut the strips of paper, dictated to me what he was thankful for, and we taped them together with double sided tape. I'd like to do this each year and will include Lil' Sib when he becomes verbal too. Here's what made the cut for the Nugget's Thankful Chain 2010 Edition:

jumbo jets
airplanes (technically he said airplanes, more airplanes, blue airplanes, gray airplanes, but I cut him off after airplanes and jumbo jets)
tractors (do you sense a theme emerging?)
marching bands
gym bus
Grammy and Grandpa
playing outside
paper chains
sad things (I asked him to elaborate, and he just kept repeating, "the sad things")

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Nugget: Daddy, are you a boy?
D: Yes, I am. Are you a boy?
N: Yeah, I'm a boy too.
D: Is Mommy a boy?
N: No! Mommy is a guh-rul. Silly Daddy, you forgot!
N: Daddy, can you read that please? (the item number in fine print on the back of his Halloween fork)
D: (has read this upon Nugget request about 10 times that week) Double Nice Company Limited 23402032016655016 July 2010.
N: You forgot the F.
D: Oh wow. You're right! How did you know that?!
N: Read it again with the F please.
D: Double Nice Company Limited 234020320F16655016 July 2010.
N: You remembered the F.
Background info: We often use the Love and Logic "energy drain" tool with the Nugget when he's acting especially 3. We'll say, "Oh, when you choose to scream like that/dump your milk on the floor/not wash your hands when you're asked, it really drains my energy. If Mommy runs out of energy, I will have to lie down on this couch for awhile instead of taking you to the park. Can you think of a way to give me my energy back?" The Nugget is now making energy claims of his own.

Nugget: Doggie used up all my energy.
Daddy: Why?
N: Because she was right there (points accusingly at Doggie who is innocently sitting near his feet, apparently too close for comfort).


Outfitting a growing child in the Midwest is pretty exhausting. A trunkful of outerwear is required, and of course, the Nugget is growing so quickly that he won't be able to reuse most of it next year. I do like to invest in quality pieces so that Lil' Sib will be able to use them too.

My standards: machine washable (except the raincoat), under $50 per piece (I got all of these under $30 each), easy for Nugget to put on/take off "by self", and dog-hair resistant. Polar fleece is like a magnet for dog hair!


1. Fall/spring jacket. Purchased with a 40% off Gymbo rewards coupon. For autumn, I like to have a canvas jacket with a warm but thin lining.

2. Rain coat - gift from Grammy and Grandpa. I like that the waterproof layer is soft and more fabric-like than crunchy plasticky.

3. Vest - the Nugget's is red with a polar bear zipper pull, but very similar. Purchased on sale and with Gymbucks last year. I love the vests, because they tend to fit the Nugget longer than the coats do, and they're great for that in-between weather.

4. Winter coat - purchased from Lands' End Overstocks department with a free shipping promo.


1. Rain boots - purchased from Lands' End Overstocks with free shipping promo. I couldn't find a link, but they have an antibacterial/anti-odor lining which is awesome considering....potty training...

2. Kid-sized, no pinch umbrella - gift from Grammy

3. Snow boots - snapped them up during a free shipping promo AND sale and paid $18.38! I love that these open wide, so they'll be simple for the Nugget and his teachers to take on and off twice a day at preschool.

4. 2 pairs knit mittens for out and about. Bought 1 pair on sale at Gymbo, the other was gifted by Uncle Tom. I love the Gymbo knit mittens because they are 2 layers of knit and lined for extra warmth. They are also cute, so the Nugget is more willing to keep them on because there is a doggie or a penguin "looking at me!"

5. 1 pair mitten clips from Target Dollar Spot to keep the mittens attached to the coat. Only one lost mitten in 2 years thanks to these suckers!

5. 1 pair waterproof mittens for snow play - what do you think about these L-bow mittens? I already have a Target pair, but these look so tempting - when snow runs up the Nugget's arms, it's pretty much the end of his outside time.

6. 2 winter hats. My sister is knitting the Nugget an awesome hat that I can't wait to show you! And the Nugget has a couple cute ones from Grammy that I think will still fit this year.

7. 1 scarf - I want to knit the Nugget a new one to match this year's coat.

8. 1 fall/spring-weight knit hat. I scored it at the Gymbo outlet for $3.

9. Snow pants - this year's are a gift from Grammy (notice a trend?), and they are the first non-bib snowpants for the Nugget. Probably a good thing since I'm sure he'll have to use the bathroom the second he's bundled. If you're not lucky enough to have a Grammy in your life, Target and JCPenney often have great deals on snowpants/bibs for $15 or under.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Lately, the Nugget has been waxing nostalgic. It is funny to me both what he finds memorable and the fact that his fondest memories range from just seconds before to months ago. Here are a few of his fond memories that he shared with me today and time elapsed since the actual event.

"Remember when Grammy and Grandpa were here and they made my bed?" - 2 months ago

"Remember when I put on those socks?" - 1 minute ago

"Remember when Mrs. S said, 'Another turtle?'" - 6 weeks ago

"Remember when that man in the video did this? (a thumbs up)" - 20 seconds ago

"Remember when we rode that tractor at the pumpkin patch?" - 3 weeks ago

"Remember when we ate those pretzels from the blue bag on beach?" - 7 months ago

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Letting go

In these final weeks before we know if we're meant to become a family of four or if we'll stay a family of three, I'm trying to adjust my attitude. It's true, we are called to prepare our homes and our hearts, so of course we are already in love with this child.

But the fact of the matter is that while we have been chosen, we are not the parents of this baby yet. We are being considered for the honor and privilege of raising and guiding him, and nothing is final until he is born and those papers are signed. We fully respect the rights of his expecting parents to make the final choice. I am doing my best to accept this blessing graciously if it's what the universe intends, but am also struggling to make peace with the fact that if it is not meant to be, that our lives will go on and that we already blessed beyond measure.

So many people have asked us what they can do and how they can help. Right now, we ask for positive support and prayers.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Plan

After watching marching band rehearsal
Me: Would you like to be in the marching band someday?
Nugget: Yes!
Me: What instrument would you like to play?
N: I going to play the trombone. Then I'm going to be a squirrel.
Nugget: Mommy, you want to try my shoes and I can wear your slippers?
Me: You can try my slippers, but look - my feet are too big for your shoes.
Nugget: Yeah, they don't fit. When you get little, you can wear them. And you can sleep in the crib.

Apparently, the plot of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button could have been concocted by a 3 year old.