Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Today was the first day of school for all three children.  I may or may not have shouted, "Freedom!" like Braveheart. They clean up pretty good, huh?!

My freedom will be very short-lived, as I start back to teaching next Monday, but I will suck the marrow out of the hours that I have!  Today I dropped off a vanload of items for the big consignment sale, hit the post office, picked up supplies for the preschool, scored some bargains at my favorite resale shop, and caught up on emails, and I still have 15 minutes before I go pick up Tater Tot. 

I have a couple of hours with my baby girl before we pick up that big guy, then we have tap.  I am starting to sense I will be living in the van during the school year.  Wishing you all bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Now I can drive the car?

I recently complimented Tater on her nose blowing skills. She expertly pulled a single tissue from the box, honked her little nose, threw it away, and washed her hands, unprompted.  I exclaimed, "Wow, so grown-up!"  She immediately countered hopefully, "So now I can drive the car?"

Spork has taken to sometimes washing his hands quite thoroughly for 2-4 minutes.  He used to slap dash and skip the soap, so I have been pretty supportive of his lengthier sudsing, even if it is a bit inconvenient.  But today, he had hit the 5 minute mark and was still going strong, so I came in to make sure he wasn't flooding the bathroom.  He was pumping hand soap on his sister's toothbrush and earnestly scrubbing the sink til it sparkled.  "I scwubbin' the sink for you, Mommy!"

The kids love when I give voice to their stuffed animals, so Llama Llama was watching Mighty Machines with them and having a bit of anxiety about the impending dynamite explosion.  This is Tater's usual fear, and Llama's theatrics were helping as she was trying to comfort him instead of launching herself like a frightened squid onto the nearest brother's head. Then Llama got silly and started being scared of the crane operator's mustache, and the Nugget piped up, "Don't worry, Llama, when someone has a mustache, it means he's actually a hard worker."

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Do spiders taste like Halloween?

Those clouds are really beautiful.


It's a booful day in the neighborhood, Mommy!

I making shooshee (sushi)! 

At Farm Camp, he had both a male and female counselor for the first three days. On the last day, the male counselor had a sub, so he immediately turned to his remaining original counselor and inquired, "Where dat guy go?" Being playful, she replied, "What guy?" Spork sighed and said, "You know, da guy! With the face. And the body."

This is what little dance sibs do on a Monday afternoon while big brother is tapping.  Also (not pictured) taking several trips to the bathroom, peering over the shoulders of big dance sibs playing Minecraft, making funny faces in the big mirror, and playing with doorstops.


The 4H fair photo wrap-up.  The biggest boys participated in a family game show this year.  We went for a wristband kids' day, which I highly recommend. Also, I think there should be a special "restoration service" for families upon leaving the fair, where a babysitter follows you home, plays with your mysteriously still amped up children and does the sticky laundry while you take a nap.  A girl can dream.