Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Do spiders taste like Halloween?

Those clouds are really beautiful.


It's a booful day in the neighborhood, Mommy!

I making shooshee (sushi)! 

At Farm Camp, he had both a male and female counselor for the first three days. On the last day, the male counselor had a sub, so he immediately turned to his remaining original counselor and inquired, "Where dat guy go?" Being playful, she replied, "What guy?" Spork sighed and said, "You know, da guy! With the face. And the body."

This is what little dance sibs do on a Monday afternoon while big brother is tapping.  Also (not pictured) taking several trips to the bathroom, peering over the shoulders of big dance sibs playing Minecraft, making funny faces in the big mirror, and playing with doorstops.


The 4H fair photo wrap-up.  The biggest boys participated in a family game show this year.  We went for a wristband kids' day, which I highly recommend. Also, I think there should be a special "restoration service" for families upon leaving the fair, where a babysitter follows you home, plays with your mysteriously still amped up children and does the sticky laundry while you take a nap.  A girl can dream.

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