Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Baskets 2016

 Belated basket post!  Everyone got yo-yos and some favorite candies.  I did a combination of fun stuff plus things they "needed" to have, like umbrellas and sensory items.

 Spork (4yo) Basket
-Playmobil skate park set - bought secondhand
-Butterfly net - Target Dollar Spot
-Cricket guiro
-Tangle fidget
-Leo the Late Bloomer

Nugget (8yo) Basket
-Chess set
-Playmobil camper van - bought secondhand
-Spirograph set - Target clearance
-Polygonzo fidget
-Annie dvd
-The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Tater (4yo) Basket
-Butterfly net
-Plan Toys nursery set - bought on sale at
-Plan Toys pullback mouse - an older model being clearanced
-Chewy necklace
-Turtle bathtoy
-Stamper set from IKEA
-Little White Rabbit

Easter 2016

Grammy and Grandpa came to help out this week while Daddy was on a work trip.  We were so happy they were able to stay for Easter, and Uncle J, Aunt K, Cabbage, and Bean came too! 

I convinced the boys to put on their new hats by calling them "thinking caps".

Getting into the baskets.  Big bro was a little too sleepy to cooperate with photo ops but rallied for chocolate breakfast.
 Waiting for the Easter Buffet on campus

 Tater matched the daffodils today.

Grammy and Grandpa got all the grandkids together for Easter.
 Backyard egg hunt

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

McPillow and the Big Lizard

One of the great joys in life for a 4yo (i.e. things you let them do when you have to make a phone call) is washing windows with soapy water and a squeegee.

Tater: Lambie is sad, because she dropped her popsicle.
Me: Oh, should we get her a new one?
T: Yes!  McPillow, do you have any popsicles?
McPillow: (in Tater's lowest voice) Yes, you can have one now.  You can have the other one AFTER you ride the elevator.
I should add that Tater has never before addressed the pillow and came up with his name and voice on the spot, improv gal that she is.

Conversations with Grandparents:
T: Grandpa, why do you have a beard?  Why do you have a mustache?!
Wake up, Grandpa!  Wake up again!

Grammy was forced to read a children's medical encyclopedia that Tater picked out from the library.  Tater is obsessed with blood and gore and was especially fascinated by the snake bite.
T: Why is his hand bleedin'?!
G: He was bitten by that snake.
T: Will he need a bandaid?
G: No, he probably needs to go see the doctor.
T:  What kind of doctor?

On the Subject of Blizzards
T: Why are we getting Spork now?
M: Preschool is closing, because a blizzard is coming.  A blizzard is a snow storm, and they want all the children and teachers to get home safely before the storm starts.
T:  Will it be loud?
M:  I'm not sure.  Maybe the wind will be loud?
(hours later)
T:  This blizzard is not loud.  It is not scary.  When will it get scary?  I want it to be scary!

Spork: Daddy, Daddy! We had to leave school early, because there a big lizard coming!

Such a great photo of Spork contemplating life's problems.  And big lizards.