Sunday, January 18, 2015

I love you more than breakfast

A gem from the Nugget:  "I really love breakfast.  But even more than breakfast, I love you!"

The Nugget recently hosted the salamanders from his classroom in his bedroom for an sleepover (we had volunteered to bring them to a library event on a Saturday).  I was fearful that the sleepover might end in salamanders loose in our house but decided to put my trust in the boy, with about 10 reminders that the lid must stay on all night long, no exceptions.  He did well, but I was very relieved to turn the amphibians over to a teacher the following day.  Here he is at the library, his first animal ambassador moment.  My zookeeper heart is so proud!

Hubby says he also gave little sibs a "presentation" (Montessori lingo) on the salamanders, including their diet, habitat, and how to gently touch them. Tater was thrilled.  Spork cried upon learning that the salamanders would be in their room.  Then he cried again when we didn't bring them home from the library.  Spork also insisted on calling them "ants." "I 'fraid of dose ants.  I no want dem in my room."  "Where ants go?  Ants no come home?  Want ants!"

When I go into teach at Extended Day, I never know if Tater is going to be welcomed and coddled by the big kids or shooed away in exasperation.  Obviously she loves the former and if shooed away more than thrice in one day, she becomes sad, clingy Tater Tot or Beast Mode Tater.  But even the kids who find her as annoying as their own little sibs have been marveling at her continual verbal prowess.  She can now hold a semi-lucid conversation with them around the craft table.
Kid: Tater, can I have the sponge brush when you are done?
Tater: Sure!  Here you go.  It a Sponge Bob!
K: You know Sponge Bob?
T:  Yeah, I see Sponge Bob at the car wash.
Me: (clarifying) There is a stuffed Sponge Bob at the Drive-n-Shine.
T:  Yes, I see him in car wash.  I want to grab him and eat him!  Nom, nom!
K:  Eat him?!
M: What would he taste like?
T: He tastes like yogurt.  Yum!
M: Oh, because there is a picture of Sponge Bob on the GoGurt box?
T: Yeah, it's an ad.  I don't like ads on my food.  I don't like ads on TV.  I don't like that Elmo ad.
K:  Wow, she is getting really good at rambling.

Hubby is a Seahawks fan, so while the game was on, Grammy taught Tater to say, "Russell (Wussell) Wilson!"

Here is Tater at the preschool open house.  She is so ready to join Spork at the big preschool next year, and I am excited that she will have a classroom that she doesn't have to share with Mommy or big brother.  About five minutes into the open house, she turned to me and said, "Mommy leave now?  Daddy pick me up?"

Spork is very into pirates nowadays.  He loves to put on all the dress up garb and stomp around shouting, "Arrgh! Ahoy mateys!"

The cast cannot come off soon enough.  I am so thankful it is waterproof, so he can at least bathe normally and play outside. We cannot give him a lot of his OT work because of the physical limitations of healing bones, so we have had some backsliding this past month.  I am really eager to get him bouncing, climbing, dancing, and running again soon; it will make for a much happier Spork and Mama too!  We've had to get pretty creative with weekend entertainment.  Last weekend, we braved taking the littles to paint their own pottery while big brother was at a birthday party.  Spork was very into his work, and miraculously, no pottery was broken nor jars of glaze dumped.  Definitely a 1:1 parent/preschooler ratio required though!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Valentines 2015

I bought the mini Playdoh valentines on clearance last year for Spork to hand out at preschool.  I was going to get fancy and print a cute label, but whaddya know, the Playdoh folks included little stick on labels, so I'm all set there. And in case you wondered if sealed Playdoh lasts a year, it absolutely does.  I tested a couple cans, still squishy, so stock up for next year come February 15!

The Nugget is at a new school this year, but the rules are the same; no sweets. I thought tiny tape measures would be fun and was super impressed to find quality mini ones at a great price at D. Lawless.  Even with the shipping, it came out to less than $1 per item.  I was waiting to post until they arrived, since I haven't used this vendor before and wanted to make sure they were legit.  They arrived today and are awesome!

I'm going to use some clip art and print a cardstock tag, then tie the tags onto the keyring of the measuring tape with red and white baker's twine (from the Target dollar spot).  Will post pictures when I'm done, but wanted to share in case anyone else is hunting for VDay ideas!
Photo Update! I included the baker's twine in the photo just in case anyone is hunting for it.  Target used to sell it on spools, but currently it is sold on cards.