Monday, January 12, 2015

Valentines 2015

I bought the mini Playdoh valentines on clearance last year for Spork to hand out at preschool.  I was going to get fancy and print a cute label, but whaddya know, the Playdoh folks included little stick on labels, so I'm all set there. And in case you wondered if sealed Playdoh lasts a year, it absolutely does.  I tested a couple cans, still squishy, so stock up for next year come February 15!

The Nugget is at a new school this year, but the rules are the same; no sweets. I thought tiny tape measures would be fun and was super impressed to find quality mini ones at a great price at D. Lawless.  Even with the shipping, it came out to less than $1 per item.  I was waiting to post until they arrived, since I haven't used this vendor before and wanted to make sure they were legit.  They arrived today and are awesome!

I'm going to use some clip art and print a cardstock tag, then tie the tags onto the keyring of the measuring tape with red and white baker's twine (from the Target dollar spot).  Will post pictures when I'm done, but wanted to share in case anyone else is hunting for VDay ideas!
Photo Update! I included the baker's twine in the photo just in case anyone is hunting for it.  Target used to sell it on spools, but currently it is sold on cards.

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