Friday, April 27, 2018

Alternative Pronunciations by Spork
Fuh-muh-mana Glass.....Magnifying Glass

Spork keeps us laughing....

While eating tacos, Spork declared, "Look, Mommy!  I got some cheese felled down in my shirt!"  (Pulls it out and eats it with gusto)

Spork: Daddy, did you check my pants for nuts?
Daddy: What?
S: I had walnuts in my pocket, I hope they didn’t go in the washer

Spork:  I'm worried that Tater will be jealous that I'm wearin' sandals.
M:  That's kind of you to think of her feelings.
S:  I think I not gonna even tell her I'm wearin' sandals, then she won't feel bad.
M:  Sounds like a plan, your feet will be under the table at the restaurant, so she probably won't notice.
(Tater and Daddy arrive.  Spork and I are already seated.  He begins to waver in his plan.)
S:  Hi Tater!  Guess what?  My feet are feeling so cold, I can feel the breeze on my toes, I don't even know why.
M:  (raised eyebrows at Spork)
S:  Oh right!  Never mind, never mind.  Hey, I can't even believe I'm wearing something that used to be the Nugget's.  I'm wearing them on my feet.  
Tater:  That's nice.
S:  Don't look under the table, because you'll be jealous.
M:  (face palm)

Tater - a future surgeon?  D- for bedside manner.

T:  Daddy, if you scraped this (mole) off, would there be a blood rainbow?
D:  Huh?
T:  A blood rainbow.  Would the blood come out in the shape of a rainbow like this?  (Gestures with hand, making an arc)
D:  No, it would just bleed like the rest of your skin bleeds when you get hurt.
T:  Oh (slight disappointment)

Tater talked Spork into helping her with some delicate head surgery on her stuffed dog Rosie.
T:  You can be my assistant, but you have to wear gloves.
S:  Ok!  Got the gloves!  Now what?
T:  You hold her like this.  She got shot, but I can make her better with this sharp needle.  I can sew her up.  Hmm, it doesn't look good.  (Gets a piece of paper and a marker and traces a body outline of the poor dog.) I'm probably going to have to take off most of her head, but we'll fix it later.

(I'm getting her these syringe pens for the next gift-giving occasion.)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tater's Pineapple Pool Party

Like my third child's baby book, the blog is hobbling along, but I'll catch up someday, ha!

Anyway, said third child turned 6 a few weeks months ago, and here is a very tiny party post.

We used a local facility with an indoor pool.  No photos were allowed in the pool area, so there wasn't much photogenic about it.  I decided to use this invitation, which led to a pineapple theme.

Our favors were pineapples sporting sunglasses and leis.  They were the life of the party.  I found pineapple plates at Target.  I found pineapple thank you cards there too, but they seem to have been discontinued in the time it took me to get around to this blog post, ha!

The facility had covered the tables with red tablecloths, which I'm trying not to let bother me.  They did take complete care of the food (pizza, lemonade, ice cream) and actually banned us from bringing in anything except the cake, so that as a load off my shoulders.

The beautiful and delicious "rainbow cake" was the one thing that Tater had voiced desire for at her birthday party and was made by a fabulous local bakery, who agreed to make the edges completely devoid of food coloring so Spork would have plenty of cake too.  (For reasons why we're cutting out food dyes for Spork and are moving towards natural dyes for the whole family, read this.)

So that's it!  We enjoyed plenty of time with Tater and co in the pool.  Quite a few non-swimmers who needed lots of supervision made me probably too anxious to take this on again until kids are older, but it was a really fun, simple party.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Deciduous trees and passageways full of clowns

Spork recently acquired a festive Christmas tree headband.  He proudly wore it out of the store, and I joked, "You look just like a real tree!"  He beamed with joy.  I added, "I hope a beaver doesn't try to cut you down, tree!"  He scoffed, "Beavers don't even like this kinda tree."  I asked, "How do you know?"  He insisted, "They just don't."  I thought this was a bizarre comment to make, and because I still suspect him to be a reincarnated beaver, I thought I'd do some research and guess what?!

"Beavers have a definite preference for the trees they like to eat. Preferred tree species include alder, aspen, apple, birch, cherry, cottonwood, poplar and willow." ( I'm still laughing!  My reincarnation hypothesis stands!

If you need a good scare, here's a new one from Tater.
Tater:  I wish our house had a secret passageway.
Me:  Me too!  I've always wanted one!
Tater:  ....except it would be full of clowns.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

After School Art

Spork attends a fine arts public magnet school.  Having no public school experience myself, I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect, but we've been blown away by the passion and dedication of the teachers and the quality of the experience he's been having so far.  There is some question about where this program will be next year, and I hope that no matter where the dice fall, that the program will retain the heart and promise it has now.

My mom taught me that you get out of a school what you put into it.  When the school called for After-School Arts Instructors, I volunteered in a heartbeat.  I was lucky to be assigned 7 great kiddos, grades K-2.  Yes, Spork was one of them.  I called my class "Paint in Motion" and it focused on creative, physical ways to create art with paint.  (Or as Hubby would call it, "Truly Terrifying Situation with Children Splashing Paint Everywhere.  I am partially writing this post so he has to look at the photos and shudder.) I love the uninhibited way that children create art.

Week 1:

 Ping pong balls down the slide

 Tennis ball shake up

 Yo-yo painting

 Belly swing art

Week 2:  

 Rain painting - watercolor pencils on card stock to set outside in the rain.  I was told later that the rain was too hard and the colors simply became muddy, so perhaps this is a project better done on a drizzly day.

 Stop.  Hammer Time.
Spoon a bit of paint on cardboard, top with a cotton round, and smack away until you have a glorious splat.  Because I had a low budget for this program, I cut up a lot of Amazon Prime boxes and was really pleased with how they held up to the paint.

 Dish brush and fly swatter painting - swish it and smack it!  Look at that texture!

Marble painting

Week 3:
Car Ramp

 Animal Tracks

 Straw Painting

Salad Spinner Art

Not pictured because my hands were an absolute mess at the time:  
We also did a mix your own puffy paint activity with shaving cream in Ziploc bags.  
I took apart the salad spinners to make an animal bath and car wash so the kids could help me tidy up.  Finally, I put the rest of the shaving cream on the table and let them fingerpaint/scrub it!  The free play with shaving cream was definitely their favorite part.

Week 4:  Embracing the beautiful mess

I had the kids cut shapes from cereal boxes meaning to make resist art.  But once they had the spray bottles in hand, they got a little trigger happy, and their pieces quickly became totally saturated.  Oh well, "happy paint lake process art" I thought, but as they dried, they became astonishingly beautiful.  I wish I had photos of the dried pieces, but we did frame one and sent it to the admin building.

 Mesh Pouches


Week 5:

 Roller painting

Alcohol Watercolors

 Drill Painting

Shaving Cream Marbling

Week 6:  Our final farewell!

Bubble Watercolors - we've done this at preschool before, but for the older kids, I bundled straws and taped them together, then cut them into small bunches so they would have clustered bubbles for their project.  It reminds me of hydrangeas.

Feather Painting

Cotton Ball Catapult

Bubble Wrap Prints

Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween 2017

After last year's Halloween extravaganza, we tried to take it down a few notches.

Our first event was Book or Boo at Better World Books.

Next, Spork had a Trunk or Treat for his school.

Next, the art museum!  Tater bumped into one of her besties, so she was all smiles all night!

 Finally, the real deal!  Trick or treat with our wonderful neighbor friends.  Yes, we are beyond lucky to have this collection of buddies within walking distance!