Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School 2014

The children fought tooth and claw over a used Brita filter last week. This mama is counting down the days until school starts.

I am going back to work PT this fall. I have been looking forward to and dreading the change, so I have a little more compassion for the children's feelings this year as they too, embark on new challenges. In a way, it will only be an extension of parenting; I will be working at the Nugget's school's aftercare and at Tater's home-based preschool. I have 2/3 of my brood with me each time I go to work, like my own little (demanding) security blanket.  It will be an adjustment for sure, but I am very happy and proud that the work will help contribute to the children's tuition, and I feel confident that I can make a positive contribution to both schools.  No clue what it means for this blog, but I intend to at least still log the funny/cute things the kids say here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Celebrating with Cabbage

So dear cousin Cabbage (the Nugget's birthday buddy) turned 4, and since they moved back to the Midwest, we were able to road trip it out to celebrate with her! Bonus that she had a Frozen themed party, which is the trend du jour in our house too. We also took the kids to the zoo and got to spend time with Uncle T, Aunt A, Grammy, and Grandpa, so it was a a very fun trip.

 Cabbage did not want to have the birthday song sung to her, but she faced down her fears.

These two together always melt my heart.

Spork to Cabbage's Uncle K: I'm going to play inside....with you! (Tapping a befuddled K on the chest for emphasis.)
K: Me?!
Spork: Yeah! C'mon.
 The Nugget feels he is outgrowing these things, but Cabbage talked him into it.  Anything for Cabbage!

 Spork and Uncle T.

Shortly after this picture was taken, I had to tell my darling daughter, "We don't lick the tram."  She still chirps occasionally, "We don't lick tram!  No lick the tram!"

Grammy and Grandpa with all the grandkids!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


The Nugget continues to speak like he's a storybook character, and it makes me positively gleeful.

Out of the blue, several months after the experience,
"We sure had a fun-filled day when Daddy gave us a tour of the library!"

While perusing a grocery store circular,
"Mommy, this Kroger ad says something impertinent.  'Gimme some sugar!' Hahaha!" I wonder if I left an SAT prep book on his bookshelf by accident sometimes.

Upon harvesting our first cucumber from the garden, he squealed and asked, "Can you take a picture and send it to Farmer C?" Farmer c ran the farm camp he attended back in June, and I did indeed email her the picture. She was tickled pink and wrote back telling Brady he grew himself one respectable cuke! (Please note the realistic kitchen mess in the background. Mamas, you too can grow respectable cucumbers if your countertops are far from respectable, ha!)

Spork loved swim lessons. He learned how to do a solo "blast off" (launching himself from the side of the pool to an adult) and perfected his jump into the pool from the side, going all the way underwater, landing on the pool floor, and pushing himself back up to the surface. He also did the last two lessons sans parent, so the instructor is moving him on up. Golden Guppy 2, here he comes!

While getting his hair cut, Spork's hairdresser was chatting with her co-worker.  When she asked him, "Where did Abby go?", Spork (who did not meet Abby) chimed in, "I dunno!  I saw her..." 

Spork also got to participate in dance camp for the first time this summer.  He was beyond pleased about being a big kid going to camp and would whine each morning because the Nugget's camp started an hour prior to his own.  At pickup, I would always ask him what he did/liked at camp that day, and he would beam and say proudly, "I danced!"  So much cuter if you know him personally and can picture him saying it in his sweet voice.  His teacher reported that he was "very enthusiastic".

In other Spork news, we were excited to get an opportunity to visit with his Poppy (birthdad).  We hadn't seen him since planning the adoption, so we were a bit nervous!  The visit went better than we could have expected; Spork warmed up without skipping a beat, and we had a fun afternoon at the Chicago Kids' Museum.  We are hoping that it is just the first visit of many more to come.

Squee!  Beavs made a beeline for some lumber!

Spork and Tater both say, "Whee-hoo!" when they are excited about something.

Instead of saying, "the other crayon/dog/sandwich", she says, "other one crayon/dog/sandwich." One adorable example of this is that she refers to all blankets except the one blanket to rule them all as, "other one bonky". On a similar note, Spork often asks, "What dat is?" Maybe they are just speaking Yoda.

Tater's favorite game is called, "Eggie, baby Eggie." It involves her snuggling into a beanbag chair with her trinity, then popping up to yell, "Eggie hatching!"

These days, Tater tells us that Hippo is often feeling sad or angry. When we inquire with concern, she simply states, "Eyes hurting."

This picture perfectly encapsulates the essence of Tater.  Love that bold girl!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Birthday Madness

 Both boys have July birthdays, so it's been a month of celebratory madness.  We are high on frosting and love around here.

Party 1:  Spork's birthfamily visited, and we partied at a local park.

Party 2:  Spork had his first ever friends' party at the kiddy waterpark in town. It was a bit chilly, but the kids toughed it out and had a blast.

Party 3:  The Nugget celebrated when the G family (his birthmom, her husband, and the Nugget's sister Cupcake) came to town with blueberry picking, a restaurant dinner of his choice, and roller skating!

Party 4:  The Nugget enjoyed a spectacular time with his friends at the gymnastics center. One of his birthday cards included a marriage proposal, but the girl's dad swapped it out for a different one, haha!  This was our easiest party to date, I could focus on just the cute fun details that I love, but the center took care of everything else, even helping to serve food and tear down.  That gorgeous cake was by my friend K. Tiny paper suitcases from Beaucoup (filled with Hershey mini bars, a tiny airplane toy, and a laminated homemade luggage tag printed from One Charming Party.  Yes, any excuse for lamination, my friend.  Baggage claim by the Nugget (duct tape and paint on an Amazon shipping box, his own design).

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Portland 2014

Summer is slipping through my fingers likes grains of sand.  Here's a catch-up photo post from our trip to visit Hubby's side of the family in June.  We went to Portland, which was a true haven for families with little ones.  So much to do, we had to narrow it down a bit.  Of course, reconnecting the kids with our loved ones was the best part.

 Parks, glorious parks!

 Silliness in our pjs.

 Cousins and cards

Introducing Aunt Misti to "Frozen"

Museums galore.

The infamous Voodoo Doughnut

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sassins and Caterpillars

The Nugget has a holy fear of static electricity, so sometimes he would forgo a favorite slide for fear of getting shocked. At some point, I must have casually mentioned that certain clothes were more or less likely to cause the static buildup, and now he religiously hollers before the first slide of the day, "Am I wearing Polarfleece?!"
Tater and Spork are obsessed with sunglasses. Spork calls them sassins, and while Tater can clearly say sunglasses, she is fluent in Sporkish and will call them sassins when he's around.  But when they are both requesting a pair of sunglasses, they will shout with fervor, "A sassins! A sassins!" Bet the neighbors wonder what sort of games we play with the 2 year olds.

Spork's latest Little People conversation, overheard
Zookeeper: Where's the butt clip?
Trash collector:  I dunno. Oh no! The butt clip!
Z: Gotta find the butt clip. let's look.
T: I don't see it. Butt clip not anywhere!
Z: (singing) Butt clip, butt clip, find the butt clip!
He probably went on for a good five minutes before I had to interrupt him and clarify, "Are you saying butt clip? What's a butt clip?"
Spork affirmed his guys were indeed on the hunt for a butt clip but declined to elaborate on what said butt clip was.

Overheard at PDX:
Nugget: Spork, do you see that tiny white speck?
Spork: Yah!
N: That, my friend, is an airplane.
S: Oooo!

Sporkish to English
Barching band.....marching band
Whazzatiz.....What is that?

The Nugget exclaimed over a "Pure Michigan" radio commercial, "Beaver Island?!  Beavs, we have to go there!"  Spork answered solemnly, "I haul logs."

The Nugget bonded with a bright green caterpillar he rescued from certain doom by Tater's maryjanes. After cooing over it and letting it crawl up his arm, he deposited it gently on a leaf and bid it this fond farewell, "Goodbye, caterpillar! I hope you turn into a butterfly before a bird eats you!"

The Nugget's birthmom, her husband, and their daughter Cupcake (now age 4) visited this week, and the Nugget turned to Cupcake at one point and said, "You're my blue ribbon sibling, because you were my very first sister."

On the same note, the Nugget explained to Tater and Spork who was coming to visit and why, "Your Aunt Lynnsi is coming to visit us!  I grew in her tummy, and the doctors had to cut me out, but don't worry, she's still alive. The doctors gave her a special medicine so she didn't feel the cutting at all, and then she healed."

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's final

The blog would like to recognize Tater Tot's adoption finalization.  Party time!