Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 2015

Gems from the Nugget

"I think dogs would like ham flavored cupcakes.  Or any ham flavored pastries."

"I want to invite Irish Dave (popular radio DJ) to my wedding."

Upon pulling up to a new apple orchard and noting the farmhouse, "That looks like a nice homestead."

After tasting a Hershey's candy corn bar, "This tastes like heaven."

When being asked to lead the Trunk or Treaters around on a little parade before starting the treating, "Ok, I will lead them around those trees.  When you are ready for us, you can just give me a signal."

Spork Report

Spork had all his teeth at the age of 1, so I guess it is not too surprising that he lost his first tooth at the age of 4! He was a bit panicky about it wiggling and couldn't figure out how to chew on the other side of his mouth, so I am grateful it was only really wiggly for one day and popped out overnight. Miraculously, he didn't swallow it and was very proud to use the tooth fairy pillow!

Spork has been working hard on his speech and is ahead of schedule on his speech goals for the year. We are so proud of him and now he is 70% understandable, so yay for that!

Each morning, Spork wakes up with a single question on his mind, "Whose pick is it?" He is referring to the single video he and Tater get each day. They take turns picking it, and even when Spork remembers whose turn it is, he requires affirmation. On days when it's his sister's pick, he immediately starts lobbying her. "You could watch Hammy Mammy, dat a really good choice." Bless his heart, there is no planet on which Tater would ever choose Handy Manny. Luckily, most often he will still sit open-mouthed for whatever video she does choose on her days.

Funnies by Tater

Watching Malik Zaire get hauled off the field, "What happened to his leg?  Will the doctors have to cut it off?!"  Hubby and I think she would be the world's funniest sportscaster.

Tater loves gymnastics, but often she will spout random complaints during her circuits, "Ugh!  This is really tiring!"

We have had a slew of fall thunderstorms, and Tater is a bit fearful of thunder.  Not in a bawling her eyes out and run and jump into mommy's bed way, thankfully.  But in a sitting awake at night with the sheets over her head way.  She talks about storms constantly and warns us to come inside even when it's sunny blue skies all day, "You should come inside, because you might get hit by lightning."

Tater is also obsessed with other people and objects having mommies.  She wants to know where the mommies are.  When reading a book, "Where is his mommy?" When finding a bug outside, "Where is the bug's mommy?" When meeting a friend on the playground, "Where is her mommy?" When discussing storms, "Do clouds have mommies?  Where are cloud's mommies?"  Tater would be appreciated it if we could please get some microchips on all the mommies.

Tater gets a lot of attention from strangers on account of her crazy adorable voice and her size.  She wore her favorite tutu to the grocery store, and of course that amped up the attention.  Also she was very interested in the lotto ticket machine and looked like a tiny ballerina stopping to buy a lotto ticket.  However, it was a day when she did not care for conversations with strangers, so when several people stopped to talk to/coo over her, she stomped her tiny foot and had a little meltdown. "I don't want people to look at me or talk to me!" And she sulked, facing the lotto machine like she was in a self-imposed time-out.

I recently gave Tater a kid's Breathe Right strip to help with her allergies at nighttime.  She was so attached to the darn thing, and Hubby was out of town for work, so I did not pick that battle and she may have worn the strips 24-7 for about a week.  I'm trying to wean her down to nighttime use only.  

Happy Halloween 2015

What a belated blog post, haha!  Here are the littles on their way to the gymnastics Halloween party (ages 2-5, otherwise the Nugget would have joined in too).

  And some requisite pumpkin photos.  Boring grown-up pumpkins, Daddy's totally uncarved due to the gymnastics party.

The boys' pumpkins.  Poor Tater could not stop bowling with her pumpkin so of course it bruised and rotted before Halloween.  She didn't really care though, so I was lazy and didn't make an emergency trip to the grocery store.

We have such a fabulous neighborhood for trick-or-treat, and the Nugget's best friends this year happen to live here too!  We had the families over for pizza and memorable trick or treat!  Tater's favorite part was, "The horse head gave us candy!"

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thistleberry Farm 2015

We moved into our current house on Halloween 2008.  One of our first family experiences in our hometown was visiting this cute little pumpkin patch.  We chose some pumpkins for our barren new porch, took some pictures, and saw some animals.  We fell in love and came back at least twice a year.  Often we were just one of a handful of families there.

Thistleberry 2008

As our family has grown, so has this farm, and today it boasts at least 20 different activities, costs a pretty penny for admittance, and is often packed to the gills.  We keep coming back though, you can't put a price on nostalgia. 

Trunk or Treat 2015

We held our annual Trunk or Treat in a different location this year.  Old friends and new got to enjoy the playground, a costume parade, and a low key trunk or treat experience.  The weather was overcast but in the 60's, so for once we had a happy Tater enjoying the experience!  Spork was happy to reprise the role of Grammy's adorable giraffe, though he was a bit confused and occasionally referred to himself as a cat.  The Nugget's costume is courtesy of PBTeen and a coupon code, and Tater's gorgeous monarch getup was a special hand-me down from friend W.  

The pictures make it look like so much fun that I will definitely block out the memory of loading sugar-crazed possibly-possessed-by-demon children that I loaded into our van afterwards.  Ah, the cost of living large!

But a zip-lining butterfly makes it all worth it.

Fall Fun 2015

We always laugh about how we asked God for active children.  God was listening and apparently feeling very generous. The way squirrels spastically tuck away nuts for the winter is how we parents obsessively get the children outdoors and moving all autumn long.  It's not as if they will use up all the energy and sit quietly on the couch all winter, but it makes us feel better.

Up first, the county began a new festival last year to encourage families to stay fit together.  The kids love this one!

Next, the Fall Family Fun Fest.  This was the first year we came late instead of showing up at opening.  No crowds, but not much left to do in the mind of an 8yo who knows what he's missing.

Then, a trip to a farm for family pictures - will show them off when the photographer sends the disc - pumpkins, a hayride, petting zoo, and corn maze.

Finally, the good ole' leaf pile.  Free fun and child labor to boot.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

We went to Ohio to celebrate Great-Grandma's 90th birthday this weekend!  Isn't she adorable? 

I have about 30 cousins on that side of the family, and many of them have started reproducing, so D family gatherings are now loud, chaotic, and the children love them.

 After awhile, the chaos got to me, so I organized a round of duck, duck, goose.  It didn't last long since the 3 and under crowd couldn't quite grasp the concept, but it contained them for a bit.

We went to Lake Erie with my brother's family.  Love getting the cousins together.

 Spork is concerned about mermaid anatomy.  He couldn't stay away from Ariel, but every time he picked her up, he wore this expression of admiration tinged with disgust.

 The Nugget loved the sea walls.
The Nugget rounded up the cousins and some new beach friends to help with his vision for a giant rock pile.
This weekend was brought to you by Paw Patrol.  If you need a video to satisfy multiple children on a long car ride, Paw Patrol is it.  It's got adorable puppies, car chases, goofy adults, competent children, songs that will get stuck in your head, and awesome transforming vehicles, so I think it hits all the demographics. 

This trip was one of the easiest we've had with the trio to date, but upon returning home, the Nugget immediately got sick, and today we had a toilet flood that dripped down into the master bedroom, so I'd say things are back to normal.

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Today was the first day of school for all three children.  I may or may not have shouted, "Freedom!" like Braveheart. They clean up pretty good, huh?!

My freedom will be very short-lived, as I start back to teaching next Monday, but I will suck the marrow out of the hours that I have!  Today I dropped off a vanload of items for the big consignment sale, hit the post office, picked up supplies for the preschool, scored some bargains at my favorite resale shop, and caught up on emails, and I still have 15 minutes before I go pick up Tater Tot. 

I have a couple of hours with my baby girl before we pick up that big guy, then we have tap.  I am starting to sense I will be living in the van during the school year.  Wishing you all bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils!