Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spork Quirks

Spork talks to himself when he plays, "Dis, bvvv, gook, oot."

Spork whines almost constantly when frustrated, "Eehhh, nnnn, meeehhhh!"  Once he gets on a whining spree, it's hard to stop him until his next nap or meal, but blowing raspberries on his tummy, directing him to his drum, or general Nugget mayhem are my go-to whine-fest cures.

Spork snorts when he laughs.

Spork wrinkles his nose when he smiles.  See above.

Spork is learning to sign, "All done," but doesn't have the wrist twisting motion down yet so it looks frantic waving of his right hand.

Spork mmmm's constantly when he eats.

Sometimes after his last bottle, he passes out cold.  Other times, he acts a little drunk - giggling and wobbly before a big belch.  Once he was acting this way and gently punched Daddy on the shoulder, as if to say, "I love you, man!"  We call him our little frat boy.

When you take Spork out of his car seat, his left arm always wants to slide right back under the harness, so you have to take that arm out about 3 times before you can successfully free him.  Of course, he doesn't understand that he is delaying the very thing he wants most, so he is generally red-faced and ticked off at you for taking so long.

Spork is getting much faster at crawling, and he does get into his share of trouble, but so far he is very methodical in what he wants.  He will crawl to something and stop to examine it.  He is very into his toys and commonly bangs two toys together.  He can already turn pages in a board book.

Spork wants to be on your lap until he's on it, then he wants to be off it.

Spork lives to eat, and this kid doesn't seem to have an "off" switch.  Often, we have to cut him off or he would eat himself sick.  With the Nugget, Spork, and Hubby, I fear for the future of our grocery bill.  Be forewarned if you invite our family to parties, the boys will decimate your Craft Services, sorry about that.

Spork seems to have a desire to create.  He would really like to finger paint with his spit-up, so while I can't condone that, I have given him opportunities to finger paint and draw with chunky crayons.

Spork gets himself into trouble, but he is very methodical and purposeful about where he's going and what he wants.  The Nugget would slam crawl his way around, fast and furious like a whirlwind.  He could clear a bookshelf, try to stick his finger into an outlet, and make off for a fragile vase in about 30 seconds flat.  If thwarted, he'd immediately look for the next thing he could destroy. Spork focuses on a single object or location and makes it his mission to get it/there.  If thwarted, Spork throws a mighty fit.

On that note, he really, really wants to be in the bathroom, because that's where we keep his beloved water.  Whenever we shut the bathroom door, there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.  When one of us is using the bathroom, you can be sure there is a crying Spork on the other side of the door, hoping we'll take pity on him and let him play in the toilet.

Spork is starting the cruising phase.  He also likes to test his balance skills by holding on with one hand, bending over to pick up something, and back to standing.  Lately, he's upped the challenge by bracing himself not with his hand but with his forehead.  Let's just say that this technique is unsuccessful and not recommended for those with a generously sized noggin.

Spork is enthusiastic about his lovies and holds them in front of him with both hands, mouth in an O, and bounces them up and down.

Spork commonly initiates peekaboo, and his favorite hiding spot is behind his bib.

Spork is unimpressed with the musical mobile on the changing table, but takes great pleasure in trying to whack Pooh and friends with the tube of diaper cream.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Growth

The babies are growing by leaps and bounds.

In the short months since he arrived, Spork went from wobbly sitter to walrus to professional crawler to determined stander-upper.  His babyhood is flying by; a combination of being a little sib and us having a jump start on those first six months makes it feel like he's on Miracle Grow.  Emerging molars and the inability to keep up with big brother make for frustration.  You have to work for his smiles and giggles, but that makes them all the more rewarding.  Spork has the natural temperment of a crotchety old man.  We say that's his "default setting".  You can almost imagine him yelling, "You kids get off my lawn!"  When he has to cough or clear his throat, he tries to make the loudest cough imaginable, reminding me for all the world of a hacking old man with pants pulled up to his armpits.  He is happiest when his tummy is full or he's in the water.  When he's having a meltdown, my quick fix is pulling off his shoes and socks and dangling his feet under the tap in the bathroom sink, and he sure does love his swim lessons.  He prefers to be out of the house, which suits us fine as we're an on-the-go kind of family.  He likes watching the hustle and bustle of crowds, so long as one parent is in within arm's reach.  He is going into the stage where he's initially wary of strangers approaching him, but when he realizes that we're not going to hand him over, he perks up and tries to win their affection with a wrinkled-nose grin.  His teeth are big for a baby and look like shiny Chiclets.  He has barely visible stork bites on his nose and left eyelid that flare pink when he cries.  He has the same soft curls as his big brother, the kind that tighten after a bath or a sweaty day and flatten under a hood or hat.  He babbles to himself when he's at play:  dis, bvv, gook.  He can say, "More", "Mama", and "Up".

Ironically, Spork is definitely a Daddy's boy but has yet to master the word, "Dada." I have a feeling that once he gets that down, that's all we're going to hear.  When he hears Daddy's voice, even if he was happy a second ago, he immediately twists to find the source and throws himself on the ground with a scream, desperate to get into Daddy's arms asap.  Since the Nugget, Noodle, and Tater have all been Mama/Mima's babies, instead of taking it personally, I think it's great that Daddy will get his turn for being a preferred parent - the challenges and sweetness of being the only one who will do when a knee is bumped.  Of course, Daddy isn't around 24/7, so there's pros and cons!

Tater's growth is slow but steady, then you get her up from a nap or first thing in the morning, and she's noticeable bigger, the weight of her in your arms suddenly changed.  She loves being upright in the Jumperoo, or down on the floor staring up at any toy.  She is the most content and peaceful baby I've ever had the pleasure to know.  Her new skills include bubbling and burbling and wrapping her limbs around me gracefully for the hip carry.  We've removed the sling from her baby tub, retired the Babyhawk for the Ergo, and just moved her into the 6 month pajamas.  She rarely cries unless she's hungry or has felt she's been in the car seat a little too long.  Oh, and at the library - for whatever reason, the library always makes her cry.

And our sweet Nugget is struggling with Spork's mobility and the access to toys it provides.  As an oldest myself, I can relate to his feelings.  Although I imagine it's worse for him, having all these toys to himself for so long and all of a sudden going to sharing constantly with a playmate who drools and spits up on his treasures.  We're reading a lot of big sib books and trying out different strategies to give the Nugget a safe, baby-free space.  Yet their secret brother giggles in the car are more than enough to make up for the squabbles.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Storybook Boy

Every so often, the Nugget sounds like a storybook character.  In a good way, of course.  Some recent examples:

"I most certainly do."

"Where shall we go today?"

"I simply love the zoo."

"Good evening, Daddy.  How was your day?"

"I surely can."
On an unrelated note, we are so very proud of our big boy for rocking his first professional salon haircut.  I could sense The Rabid Badger struggling to break free and rip off the cape, Hulk-style, but the Nugget managed to keep TRB in check and scored not only a spiffy 'do but 2 flavored Tootsie Rolls for his courage.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012, in pictures

 Adorable Spork, now with realistic pulling-up action!

Handsome grown-up Nugget.  Holy heck, this picture makes me nervous that the girls will start calling soon.

Tater, resplendent in white patent shoes and her perma-grin, discovers the undercarriage of a Jumperoo to be most divine.  Girl had conversations with the bottom side of that horse for probably a couple hours altogether.

 There is something extra sweet about reuniting with old friends and watching your children play, as new friends.

I like a clean child, but rocking a chocolate 'stache on Easter is just the right thing to do.  Grammy used to hide quarters in her plastic eggs, but she's upgraded to gold dollars.  The Nugget refused to call them dollars, "Because they are not dollar bills, they are monies.  Look at all my monies!"