Monday, February 20, 2017


Tater sometimes reads me her bedtime story.  I absolutely love this but of course can't suggest it; it must happen organically.  Today she was reading from my vintage copy of Sign Language Fun, and rattling off the names of each animal on the jungle page.
T:  Lion, monkey, elephant, honky, snake, alligator...
M:  Wait, wait!  What did you call this one?  (pointing to the rhinoceros)
T:  Honky!

Tater helped me go grocery shopping and enthusiastically dumped produce into the cart.  When I sent her to get 2 potatoes, she held them up proudly and introduced them, "This is Mike, and this one is Dave."  I reminded her we were planning to eat them tonight and wondered if that would be ok.  "It's fine, they don't mind," she said!

M:  Tater, which author are you studying at school?
T:  Norman Bridwell.  He died once.
S:  It ok though, because Jesus was with him.  Don't laugh, Mommy, it was in the Booble.

We are having unseasonably warm weather this month, and I'm trying to enjoy it and not have panic attacks about global warming.  In the spirit of silver linings, I opened the windows and put on my spring pajamas.  I like to get into my pjs when the little ones do, and Spork was really upset at my lack of flannels.  "What you wearin', Mommy?  I don't like you to wear dose.  Dat doesn't even look like pajamas.  Are you sure them are pajamas?"

Spork and Tater were recently invited to a birthday party.  They were super chatty in the car on the way there, and as usual, got into an old couple argument.  The topic wasn't memorable, but may have been about what kind of refreshments they thought would be served.  The bickering escalated quickly and ended with both of them shouting at the top of their lungs, "I'm done talking about this!"  (Which is definitely something I say, though I try not to shout it, ha!). Then they both followed through and ceased fire.  I had turned off the radio during the shouting match because competing loud noises make me wince, and Spork commented, "Sure is quiet in here!"

Spork loves eating out, and he has some pretty fantastic restaurant manners....he sits still, he uses utensils as best he can, he colors on the kids' menu, and he can sometimes even wait with minimal whining.  Spork is blessed with both a big appetite and a little sister who eats 2 bites, so he often gets her leftovers.  He's starting to get in the habit of eyeing her food, then his half-empty plate, then looks meaningfully at me and declares, "I'm still going to be hungry after this..."


I mustache you to be my valentine!

For Spork and Tater this year, I made a repeat of the Nugget's kindergarten valentine..

1.  Dress your cutie in red or pink, and have them stand against a plain wall or solid color curtains.  I happen to have pink walls in our dining room, which was perfect for Spork.  Tater was wearing pink, so I had her stand in front of a wood door.  She decided she needed pearls and 3 headbands, so I went with it.  Take a close-up photo, and make 4x6 prints.

2.  Cut around a self-adhesive mustache, so the adhesive backing is still in place.  Attach to the upper lip with a piece of double-stick tape.  Tater's pink/red felt mustaches were from Target.  Spork's furry black 'stashes were from Dollar Tree (and didn't require cutting as they were individually backed - woohoo!).

3.  Type up "I mustache you to be my friend/valentine!"  Cut with a large paper punch or in comic book style strips, and attach with double-stick tape.