Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Two 5 Year Olds and a Funeral

So my dear sweet Grandma passed away last week.  She was my "storybook grandma" as I described her to others:  kind, caring, doting, apron-clad, often-baking, always smiling in her home chock-full of doilies and family.  That's how I'll choose to remember her instead of in the cloud of sadness and confusion that stole her final golden years.

Ever tried to get a family of 5 packed up for a road trip and round-the-clock puppy care scheduled on short notice while working?  We did, and it was so worth it.  The 5yos are pretty new to the concept of death, and that made for some amazing comic relief.

Spork asked repeatedly, "Is that REAL?!" while pointing to my grandma's open casket during calling hours.

Tater asked if Grandma had died in that casket or did we put her there after?

Upon entering the cemetery, Tater exclaimed, "Is there a dead person under every stone?  That's a lot of dead people!!!  How many do you think?"

After hearing this, Spork chose to stay in the car within eyeshot for the brief ceremony at the cemetery.  Grammy distributed pink roses and carnations to the great-grandchildren, and when Spork spied the Nugget and Tater's flowers, he asked where they got them.  Tater replied, "From Great-Grandma," and Spork's eyes grew as big as saucers as he asked, "She sat up?!!"

We went out to dinner later that day, and when Spork dropped his knife under the table, he solemnly stated to Grandpa, "I dropped metal."  Hubby thinks that should be slang for something.

The cousins did their part too.  When Uncle J tried to explain death and heaven to Cabbage, he said you leave your body behind and go to heaven.  She asked what would be in heaven, and he thought heaven should include golf and Diet Coke.  Cabbage logically said, "That's silly, Daddy.  How are you going to drink Diet Coke without your head?"

The cousins