Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

We wanted to continue our tradition of a new book and a filled mailbox, but it feels like I've found every valentine's book that isn't sappy or annoying, so Spork and Tater's books aren't really on a theme, just ones I knew they would love.

The kids were a bit confused this year - I think in the past they knew the gifts were from us, but for some reason they were hoping they were from a fairy.

Spork: Daniel Goes to the Playground, Doc McStuffins blind bag (it was Stuffy!), rubber stamp (split a 2pk from the Dollar Spot), glitter glue (I split a 4pk from the Dollar Spot), candy (a push pop for old time's sake, and I split up a pack of Reese's hearts)

The Nugget: The Red Hat, a 300 piece airshow puzzle, glitter glue, glow ring, gum, candy.

Tater: Little Humans, glitter glue, washi tape (on clearance), rubber stamp, candy

Friday, February 12, 2016

Funnies from Tater Tot, age 4

T: Now you are at the dentist, and I am the dentist. Open your mouth, please.  Oh, you have skin growing on your teeth, but I will fix it.  Ok, and it's fixed.
(And now I have a new plot for dental-related nightmares, thanks so much!)

T: Nice job getting home! Good job, Chicken!
D: Why Chicken?
T: Because you did an awesome job!

T: Every time I pee, my head grows bigger.
M: Really?
T: I know, I can't even believe it.

T: Why is there a potta-potty?
M: The porta-potty is for the construction workers.
T: I don't like potta-potties. They are a-scusting! They have poop inside, and they don't flush! Those construction workers are pooping in there. They just keep pooping and pooping...
(Tater throws her hands up dramatically over her face at the idea of an overflowing potta-potty.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wedding Bells!

Our lovely niece M got married to her high school sweetheart J this past weekend.  We were honored to be a part of her celebration.

I was a little worried about what these two were going to do in the spotlight, but they hammed it up like pros.

Hubby's sister and the groom

 Ring bearer and flower girl

 Papa and the beautiful bride

A perfect toast by M's sister 

 M + J

The Nugget asked Grammy to dance
 The ham was appreciated

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Special Life

Even in the couple years since I learned what SPD was, I feel thankful that awareness and support continues to grow. I also feel like I have learned so much from other parents in this "community", all of us struggling to learn about our own children and trying to do right by them. SPD is a not very visible special need, so I know in some ways it is much easier and some ways a bit harder to navigate than others. But the overarching feeling I get from meeting and chatting with all these parents loving and working for our children is not, "My life is harder than yours," but "We're all in this together."

If you have not had the pleasure of living with special needs (yes, sometimes it does bring pleasure, a bigger and better understanding and compassion for humanity in all its diversity), here are some articles I've really enjoyed recently.

A beautifully written piece on how to explain autism and other special needs to children.

What does it feel like to have SPD?

Dreams come true

Inclusiveness in advertising