Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

We wanted to continue our tradition of a new book and a filled mailbox, but it feels like I've found every valentine's book that isn't sappy or annoying, so Spork and Tater's books aren't really on a theme, just ones I knew they would love.

The kids were a bit confused this year - I think in the past they knew the gifts were from us, but for some reason they were hoping they were from a fairy.

Spork: Daniel Goes to the Playground, Doc McStuffins blind bag (it was Stuffy!), rubber stamp (split a 2pk from the Dollar Spot), glitter glue (I split a 4pk from the Dollar Spot), candy (a push pop for old time's sake, and I split up a pack of Reese's hearts)

The Nugget: The Red Hat, a 300 piece airshow puzzle, glitter glue, glow ring, gum, candy.

Tater: Little Humans, glitter glue, washi tape (on clearance), rubber stamp, candy

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