Monday, September 27, 2010

Nugget meets Cupcake

We were so thankful to have the Nugget's Tummy Mummy and Baby Cupcake visit us this week! Baby Cupcake is the Nugget's (half-birth) sister. Nugget and Cupcake have the same full dimpled lips and the same cute feet. Cupcake is now 5 months old. She loves to rub her thighs and feet together and is very determined to master the whole standing thing.

As with Baby Cabbage, the Nugget mostly wanted to be an assistant caretaker. He helped shake bottles of formula to mix with Cupcake's rice cereal. He comforted her when she cried, gently scrubbed her back in the tub, and he helped operate the baby swing. This kid was born to be a big brother.

We took some really sweet portraits of the siblings together at Portait Innovations. I won't post them here since they were professional, but we were thrilled with the results, and they came out much better than anything I was able to capture. Here is one sweet moment, with Nugget and Cupcake enjoying one of the Llama Llama books with Tummy Mummy.

I was so pleased with how our community welcomed the Nugget's Tummy Mummy and Baby Cupcake. We are so proud and grateful to have them as part of our family. It's a blessing that Nugget and Cupcake will grow up knowing each other, and I hope this is just their first visit of many. I don't know if I have birthsibs, and I imagine that meeting them this late in the game would be more than a little awkward. Nugget and Cupcake will just be a natural part of each other's lives....hooray! Open adoption is not for everyone, but it's a perfect fit for us!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pumpkin Friend

The Nugget brought home a new pumpkin friend from the Fall Festival. Pumpkins hold a very treasured spot in his heart so instead of using it to decorate our porch, pumpkin friend will become part of our family until it rots. I set pumpkin friend on the back of the couch, peering out the window, so it would greet the Nugget upon our arrival back home in the evening. The Nugget couldn't wait to get home to his orange buddy,

N: Pumpkin is waiting for me. Pumpkin is looking out window, saying, "Where's Nugget?"
Daddy: Is pumpkin a girl or a boy? (the Nugget decides most of his plushies are girls)
N: Hmm, he's a boy. He's probably strong. And plenty heavy. And handsome.
While watching college football on tv, I started teaching him some basic points of the game. We cheer when our players make it to the stripey part of the field or kick the ball through the yellow sticks. When our players drop it or make a mistake, we say, "Nice try!" The Nugget, formerly uninterested in football, started watching with greater intensity once he understood what was going on. He was especially thrilled to see the coach and some of the players pick up a phone or headset and exclaimed each time, "He's calling Grammy!"
The Nugget has several go-to phrases when he doesn't quite understand what's happening, yet wants to appear confident.
"Are you doing that?"
"Mommy is doing something."
"Look, I am doing that."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nugget meets Cabbage

Over Labor Day weekend, we were fortunate to meet our new niece/cousin, Baby Cabbage. She is awfully sweet and adorable. My favorite thing about her is that she is noisy. She makes very satisfied smacking and gulping noises when she eats, and cooing sighs when she sleeps. Her hair feels like the downy feathers on a baby duck. She has wide brilliant blue eyes that she opens with Bambi-like alarm at an unfamiliar sound. My brother describes her fussing as "freaking out", but it's a fairly low-volume cry, at least what we heard over the weekend. She does look so angry when she cries. Her feet are so tiny that even the newborn shoes won't fit her at a month old, but we noted that her 3 month sleepers were looking snug. I am so in love with her, and it's clear that my brother and his wife are already amazing parents....calm, attentive, tired!

We were a little worried about how the Nugget would do sharing his Grammy and Grandpa with another child. He did great. Sure, there was some acting out and melting down, but all of it was projected through other things and not onto Baby Cabbage. With Cabbage, he was helpful and concerned. He wanted to feed her bottles and frequently checked in with her. "Baby Cabbage, I'm going to eat breakfast now, ok? Baby Cabbage, I'm going to bed, ok? I see you later, Baby Cabbage." I held her for hours at a time, and he didn't demand my lap nor throw a tantrum about the tiny lap usurper. He couldn't resist touching her hair, but stroked it very gently. Of course, all manner of adults and Grammy's special toy cache were present, so I know it will be different when Lil Sib arrives at our house! Still, I think it was a positive trial experience for all of us.

We'll get to see Baby Cabbage in October in her home state of CO and then again at Christmas. Sigh - I'd be game for daily doses of Cabbage.

Friday, September 10, 2010


A few notes about the Nugget's wardrobe.

1. The size of his clothing is seriously alarming. You look at these things hanging in the closet, and you think the boy to whom they belong is probably in 1st grade. Just today, we handed-up a big bag of 3T's to friend B who is almost a full year older than the Nugget. The footie jammas were in pristine condition, because the Nugget grew out of them before he learned to walk. Good golly.

2. The Nugget calls any shirt with a collar, "A Daddy shirt". Daddy always wears business casual to work - button-ups and golf shirts - and the Nugget is always thrilled to wear his "Daddy shirts" on Sundays or other special occasions.

3. Daddy brought the Nugget home a faux futbol jersey from Espana, and he has one to match. Does it strike you as odd that I have never insisted that the boys dress alike, and Daddy was the one to buy their first matching father-son outfits?! He claims that, "It's ok if they're sports-related." Okaaayy....anyhow, I digress. Daddy wore his (but the Nugget did not) to Corn Fest, and now everytime the Nugget sees either Espana shirt, he calls it, "the corn shirt".

4. Thanks to current trending, Etsy, and my Aunt B, the Nugget finally owns some coveted purple shirts. I consider myself progressive, but I do draw the line at ruffles on his clothes (when he's a teen, if he still wants to wear ruffles, I will support him 100%), so I was very grateful that there are some gender-neutral/boy clothes in his favorite color. So far, he has worn a couple to preschool and has not come home saying that purple is for girls, so I am very pleased.

5. The Nugget's favorite shirt is a brown cotton t-shirt that my parents brought back from my cousin's Texas wedding. It has a brown peace sign made up of stars, steer skulls, smiley faces, armadillos, and bulls. "That's my favorite, Mama." And when he sees another kid with a peace sign (they're very "in" right now), he gets overjoyed and has to go point it out to the kid immediately. He doesn't have a big understanding of personal space yet, so it's entertaining to see him chasing down another kid yelling, "You have a peace sign! That's my favorite! On your shirt! Look, Mom, he has a peace sign!"

6. The Nugget loves to try on our things, and it is startling that he always rocks our clothes better than we do. I would not be surprised if he tries modeling when he gets older - the camera loves him, and he is a true clothes horse.

7. The Nugget has days of the week underpants, and he always wants to wear Friday.