Friday, September 10, 2010


A few notes about the Nugget's wardrobe.

1. The size of his clothing is seriously alarming. You look at these things hanging in the closet, and you think the boy to whom they belong is probably in 1st grade. Just today, we handed-up a big bag of 3T's to friend B who is almost a full year older than the Nugget. The footie jammas were in pristine condition, because the Nugget grew out of them before he learned to walk. Good golly.

2. The Nugget calls any shirt with a collar, "A Daddy shirt". Daddy always wears business casual to work - button-ups and golf shirts - and the Nugget is always thrilled to wear his "Daddy shirts" on Sundays or other special occasions.

3. Daddy brought the Nugget home a faux futbol jersey from Espana, and he has one to match. Does it strike you as odd that I have never insisted that the boys dress alike, and Daddy was the one to buy their first matching father-son outfits?! He claims that, "It's ok if they're sports-related." Okaaayy....anyhow, I digress. Daddy wore his (but the Nugget did not) to Corn Fest, and now everytime the Nugget sees either Espana shirt, he calls it, "the corn shirt".

4. Thanks to current trending, Etsy, and my Aunt B, the Nugget finally owns some coveted purple shirts. I consider myself progressive, but I do draw the line at ruffles on his clothes (when he's a teen, if he still wants to wear ruffles, I will support him 100%), so I was very grateful that there are some gender-neutral/boy clothes in his favorite color. So far, he has worn a couple to preschool and has not come home saying that purple is for girls, so I am very pleased.

5. The Nugget's favorite shirt is a brown cotton t-shirt that my parents brought back from my cousin's Texas wedding. It has a brown peace sign made up of stars, steer skulls, smiley faces, armadillos, and bulls. "That's my favorite, Mama." And when he sees another kid with a peace sign (they're very "in" right now), he gets overjoyed and has to go point it out to the kid immediately. He doesn't have a big understanding of personal space yet, so it's entertaining to see him chasing down another kid yelling, "You have a peace sign! That's my favorite! On your shirt! Look, Mom, he has a peace sign!"

6. The Nugget loves to try on our things, and it is startling that he always rocks our clothes better than we do. I would not be surprised if he tries modeling when he gets older - the camera loves him, and he is a true clothes horse.

7. The Nugget has days of the week underpants, and he always wants to wear Friday.


  1. Who wouldn't want to always wear Friday??

  2. Bobby, that's what I was thinking!
    The Corn Shirt thing cracks me up. It's so funny what they assign associations to.