Friday, October 21, 2016

The Nugget's Day Off

The Nugget and I are really loving his extra days off from school this year.  Since Tater and Spork are in school daily now, he gets a throwback only child experience.  

1.  Painting a cauldron.

2.  Sweet potato sushi and gyoza for lunch.

3.  (Not pictured) Reading to Spork and Tater's classes at preschool.

4.  Playground time!

5.  Piano practice.  Don't you wear your shark costume to practice piano?

 6.  Zoo Boo!  The scary version that he usually has to miss because little sibs are too young.  I cannot believe how excited he was over the basket of apples.  "Finally!  A healthy snack!"  His nutrition teacher would be so proud.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hesston Steam Museum 2016

We went to Hesston for the Ghost Train last weekend.  This place always makes us think of Papa and his love of trains.  We had ice cream, watched a magic show, and stayed way too long!  As we disembarked the Ghost Train, the Nugget hyped up the drama to boarding passengers, "We almost died!"

Thistleberry Farm 2016

Instead of picking a date for Thistleberry this year, we spontaneously went on a glorious sunshiny afternoon.  Pumpkin patches just never get old for me.  Doesn't all that orange just make you smile?  Grammy brought me a cinnamon pumpkin Wallflower, and I'm breathing in all that spicy fall goodness.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Living with Anxiety

The Nugget has always been a high-needs, orchid child.  I choose to see this as a strength for him and it's been very eye-opening to learn to appreciate the world the way he sees it.  Lately, we've put another piece of the puzzle together for him - an assessment that definitively shot down inattentive type ADHD and popped up the red flag for mild anxiety.  I have my own anxiety experience, so the Nugget and I are learning together.

Here's an article about childhood anxiety and what it looks like.

The flip-side of anxiety and how it comes with "powers"!  Many of these are so true of the Nugget.

We got this workbook for him to jump start his understanding of what's happening when his anxiety kicks in.  It normalizes the experience, lets him know he's not alone, and gives him ideas of what he can do to help the big feelings pass.

We put together a stress kit for him to use at school, at the teacher's discretion.  It contains:
-A stress ball
-Silly Putty
-Essential oil salve.  I've been using this daily too, and find it really calming.
-Ring of cards with grounding ideas

I joined an anxiety support group to get more ideas, and they've been really helpful so far.  If you have experience with anxiety and have any tips to share, I'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Fun Fair - momhacks

We usually go to this Fall Family FunFest at a local park!  It was already looking like a bummer year for it, because the Nugget would be gone on his overnight choir retreat, and Hubby had to work that Saturday.  Never mind, I was still going to take the littles and enjoy it...til it got rained out.

I was determined to make our own Fall Family FunFest that morning, so we went out for donuts.  The good donuts at the Italian bakery.

I snuck in a few errands, then we went to a pumpkin patch!

The Nugget's First Annual Day of Yes!

My brilliant friend R told me that once her oldest started Kindergarten, she realized that she had to say, "No," or "Maybe later," to most of his requests.  One day he looked at her with sad eyes and said, "I wish you could say yes sometimes." She decided then and there to give him one special "Yes Day" every year before school starts.

I decided to surprise the Nugget with his own "Day of Yes" with his first teacher in-service day this fall.  Our ground rules were:  1 toy for 9.99 or under, be reasonable with the junk food so you don't get sick, and we were still going to commit to his piano lesson in the afternoon.

Yes to the park!

Yes, we can visit Daddy!

Yes, you can eat a croissant and sparkling lemonade for lunch!

 Yes, we can ride the Sweep!

Yes, we can go bowling!

Yes, you can take your time at the toy store...all the time you want.

Yes, we can get a new toy (for $9.99 or less)

Yes, we can get frozen custard.

Yes, I will take you back to the bowling alley.  Yes, you can play in the arcade.

Yes, you can ride the big go-karts.

Yes, you can pick a song on the jukebox.