Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Nugget's First Annual Day of Yes!

My brilliant friend R told me that once her oldest started Kindergarten, she realized that she had to say, "No," or "Maybe later," to most of his requests.  One day he looked at her with sad eyes and said, "I wish you could say yes sometimes." She decided then and there to give him one special "Yes Day" every year before school starts.

I decided to surprise the Nugget with his own "Day of Yes" with his first teacher in-service day this fall.  Our ground rules were:  1 toy for 9.99 or under, be reasonable with the junk food so you don't get sick, and we were still going to commit to his piano lesson in the afternoon.

Yes to the park!

Yes, we can visit Daddy!

Yes, you can eat a croissant and sparkling lemonade for lunch!

 Yes, we can ride the Sweep!

Yes, we can go bowling!

Yes, you can take your time at the toy store...all the time you want.

Yes, we can get a new toy (for $9.99 or less)

Yes, we can get frozen custard.

Yes, I will take you back to the bowling alley.  Yes, you can play in the arcade.

Yes, you can ride the big go-karts.

Yes, you can pick a song on the jukebox.

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