Friday, October 21, 2016

The Nugget's Day Off

The Nugget and I are really loving his extra days off from school this year.  Since Tater and Spork are in school daily now, he gets a throwback only child experience.  

1.  Painting a cauldron.

2.  Sweet potato sushi and gyoza for lunch.

3.  (Not pictured) Reading to Spork and Tater's classes at preschool.

4.  Playground time!

5.  Piano practice.  Don't you wear your shark costume to practice piano?

 6.  Zoo Boo!  The scary version that he usually has to miss because little sibs are too young.  I cannot believe how excited he was over the basket of apples.  "Finally!  A healthy snack!"  His nutrition teacher would be so proud.

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