Friday, February 12, 2016

Funnies from Tater Tot, age 4

T: Now you are at the dentist, and I am the dentist. Open your mouth, please.  Oh, you have skin growing on your teeth, but I will fix it.  Ok, and it's fixed.
(And now I have a new plot for dental-related nightmares, thanks so much!)

T: Nice job getting home! Good job, Chicken!
D: Why Chicken?
T: Because you did an awesome job!

T: Every time I pee, my head grows bigger.
M: Really?
T: I know, I can't even believe it.

T: Why is there a potta-potty?
M: The porta-potty is for the construction workers.
T: I don't like potta-potties. They are a-scusting! They have poop inside, and they don't flush! Those construction workers are pooping in there. They just keep pooping and pooping...
(Tater throws her hands up dramatically over her face at the idea of an overflowing potta-potty.)

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