Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Special Life

Even in the couple years since I learned what SPD was, I feel thankful that awareness and support continues to grow. I also feel like I have learned so much from other parents in this "community", all of us struggling to learn about our own children and trying to do right by them. SPD is a not very visible special need, so I know in some ways it is much easier and some ways a bit harder to navigate than others. But the overarching feeling I get from meeting and chatting with all these parents loving and working for our children is not, "My life is harder than yours," but "We're all in this together."

If you have not had the pleasure of living with special needs (yes, sometimes it does bring pleasure, a bigger and better understanding and compassion for humanity in all its diversity), here are some articles I've really enjoyed recently.

A beautifully written piece on how to explain autism and other special needs to children.

What does it feel like to have SPD?

Dreams come true

Inclusiveness in advertising

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