Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012, in pictures

 Adorable Spork, now with realistic pulling-up action!

Handsome grown-up Nugget.  Holy heck, this picture makes me nervous that the girls will start calling soon.

Tater, resplendent in white patent shoes and her perma-grin, discovers the undercarriage of a Jumperoo to be most divine.  Girl had conversations with the bottom side of that horse for probably a couple hours altogether.

 There is something extra sweet about reuniting with old friends and watching your children play, as new friends.

I like a clean child, but rocking a chocolate 'stache on Easter is just the right thing to do.  Grammy used to hide quarters in her plastic eggs, but she's upgraded to gold dollars.  The Nugget refused to call them dollars, "Because they are not dollar bills, they are monies.  Look at all my monies!"

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