Wednesday, March 9, 2016

McPillow and the Big Lizard

One of the great joys in life for a 4yo (i.e. things you let them do when you have to make a phone call) is washing windows with soapy water and a squeegee.

Tater: Lambie is sad, because she dropped her popsicle.
Me: Oh, should we get her a new one?
T: Yes!  McPillow, do you have any popsicles?
McPillow: (in Tater's lowest voice) Yes, you can have one now.  You can have the other one AFTER you ride the elevator.
I should add that Tater has never before addressed the pillow and came up with his name and voice on the spot, improv gal that she is.

Conversations with Grandparents:
T: Grandpa, why do you have a beard?  Why do you have a mustache?!
Wake up, Grandpa!  Wake up again!

Grammy was forced to read a children's medical encyclopedia that Tater picked out from the library.  Tater is obsessed with blood and gore and was especially fascinated by the snake bite.
T: Why is his hand bleedin'?!
G: He was bitten by that snake.
T: Will he need a bandaid?
G: No, he probably needs to go see the doctor.
T:  What kind of doctor?

On the Subject of Blizzards
T: Why are we getting Spork now?
M: Preschool is closing, because a blizzard is coming.  A blizzard is a snow storm, and they want all the children and teachers to get home safely before the storm starts.
T:  Will it be loud?
M:  I'm not sure.  Maybe the wind will be loud?
(hours later)
T:  This blizzard is not loud.  It is not scary.  When will it get scary?  I want it to be scary!

Spork: Daddy, Daddy! We had to leave school early, because there a big lizard coming!

Such a great photo of Spork contemplating life's problems.  And big lizards.

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