Sunday, October 26, 2014

That would be too crazy

Tater is a funny little parrot, who can chirp back nearly any word she hears on the first try. (In other words, you must not swear in our house.) She came giggling down the stairs with big brother one evening with a wild twinkle in her eye, and I mentioned, "You look slightly crazy, Tater." She was pleased with the assessment and squawked back, "Slightly crazy! I slightly crazy! Nugget, you slightly crazy?" The Nugget didn't skip a beat and replied, "No, I'm crazy-crazy," before laughing maniacally and somersaulting on the couch. Lord help me.

The Nugget helped Grammy complete a truly awesome tarantula costume this week, and he is taking great delight in spinning yarn webs around the house and chasing his squealing little siblings around the house in the full get-up. 

This past week at tap class, the children were invited to wear their costumes.  The Nugget solemnly passed on the message to us, "We can wear our costumes to tap this week, but no robots, because that would be too crazy."  He also worried that his tarantula suit would frighten the younger kids, so he was a tapping race car driver instead.

Everyone drops what they are doing when Daddy comes home from work. It must be a bit overwhelming to have 3 beings vying for your attention, one of whom is usually covered with food goop (Spork), another might have soap suds on her hands and be missing her pants (Tater), and the third is talking a mile a minute about machinery or the complexity of the social hierarchy in Lower El.  Anyway, when Daddy turned from the chaos to change out of his work clothes last night, Tater chased him and yelled, "Wait, Daddy!  I have a wink for you!" And he turned to see her little face contorted into what she thinks is a wink.  Ask your favorite 2yo to wink, I guarantee you won't be able to stop laughing.

While the Nugget was showing off his sizeable pumpkin, Spork tried to lift it.  The Nugget warned, "Careful, Spork.  It's a toe-crusher."

Last but not least, a photo dump from the pumpkin patch.  All hail fall.

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