Friday, June 14, 2013

Humor me

Dear Nugget,
You are done with preschool, and off to Kindergarten in the fall!  You used to cling to me like an octopus at drop-off, and I'd have to leave with your howls ringing in my ears and your tears streaming down your soft round cheeks, but now you giggle in the halls, high-five the teachers, and your newly-gangly self is bursting with confidence.  We gave you an "extra" preschool year, and we're so happy we did, because instead of being worried and anxious about K, you are now chomping at the bit to get to that big-kid classroom.  We love you, and we are so proud of you.  Can't wait to see what comes next!

 The Nugget's first day of preschool - 3 years old.

The Nugget's last day of preschool - 5.5 years old.
(plus a Spork who can't wait for his first day)

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