Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hotel California

Nugget (to Spork and Tater): "Welcome to Toddlertown (a small scale playspace at a local playground).  You can come to Toddlertown, but you can't leave.
M:  Like Hotel California?

 Contrary to rumor, Spork was in fact, able to leave Toddlertown.  Phew.

N:  My silly old feet just keep growing bigger and bigger.

Big feet (now size Youth 2.5!) and little feet.

N:  Mommy, don't look at my toes! (curls them up)
M:  Why?
N:  They are feeling shy, like turtles.  Did you know their favorite food is pulled pork?
M:  Your toes have a favorite food?
N:  No, the turtles like pulled pork.  My toes don't eat anything.  They just grow muscles when I eat.

Geek Chic in matching t-shirts from CERN.

N: (spots a helicopter overhead) Look!  Look!
S:  Look at that!  Wow, look at that!
M:  Mmm, a helicopter.
N:  It's a Cobra helicopter.  It's really good at shooting.
M:  (WTF???)  Umm, I hope it's not shooting anyone today.
N:  Don't worry, it only shoots people when they make sad choices.

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