Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tater's Dance Party

Winter birthday parties for children are a bit challenging in our climate.  Last year, we used the gymnastics center, but this year I asked my friend who teaches at the dance studio if they would be interested in putting on a mini class for her birthday.  I was thrilled to get a yes, and bonus, they offered to do a craft with the kids too!  Moral of the story is don't be afraid to ask for what you want if there doesn't seem to be a local offering.  A lot of small businesses will be happy to work with you!

I had to go with pink and black (Tater's favorite color!) for the color scheme.

Invitation - Tiny Prints
I admit I do sometimes splurge on invitations, because they become a keepsake for the scrapbook.

Menu - I always go with healthy-ish kid favorites.  This menu is basically a repeat of what we did for her party last year.
Veggie Straws - pre-portioned into paper cups
Baby carrots, snap peas and ranch
Clementines and strawberries
Marshmallow Ballerinas
Water, chocolate milk, and Honest Kids pink lemonade pouches

Glitter 4 from the Target Dollar Spot

Milk Straws in chocolate and strawberry- her newest obsession is chocolate milk, so these seemed a fitting take-home treat
Ribbon Wands

Font: Ballerina Script from dafont. Acrylic diamond scatter here.

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