Sunday, January 4, 2009

He's an educator

I think it's natural to see a little of yourself reflected in your child.  I suppose I expected less of it since the Nugget was adopted, but then again, we were chosen for him by his loving Tummy Mummy and approved by his caring Poppy, so maybe they were seeking out parents who were a little like themselves...a little like the mix of genes they were passing onto the Nugget.  As a Bio major, I believe that individuality is not only about genes and not only about environment, but a complicated dance between the two.  His birthfamily gave him these gifts - inborn talents, abilities, and personality traits, and we get to foster his gifts and watch them grow.

Ways the Nugget is like me:
-Loves being around people.  I remember my mom always telling me to please go do my homework upstairs at my desk, because isn't it a nice desk and you'd be in your quiet room and out of the way.  But I could never concentrate at my desk, because I needed to be in the midst of the chaos, right at the kitchen table, and completely in my mother's way.  Sorry, Mom!
-Loves animals.  I will get my comeuppance, because I was always running up to strange dogs and surely each time, it gave my animal-cautious mom a mini heart attack.  It is unbelievable how much the Nugget loves dogs.  And cats.  And squirrels.  Make that quadruped mammals in general.  All elicit the same loud cackle of what can only be described as glee.  Quadrupeds need not return his affection to elicit said glee...during our Christmas visit, the Nugget learned a new animal sound, courtesy of Grandpa's semi-feral kitty.  If you ask him, "What does the kitty say?", he will respond, "Ssss!"  He chased and laughed after her constantly anyway, as if she were handing out kisses and free candy canes.  (Pictured above is Gammi's friendlier kitty - could not photograph the Nugget and Grandpa's kitty together - needed both hands to restrain Nugget from hugging her.)
-Loves to teach.  Daddy and Doggie are the main students, and his lesson plan is currently clapping, because apparently neither Daddy nor Doggie have mastered the technique.  He will watch Daddy clap with furrowed brow, then patiently reach for his hands and show him, once again, the CORRECT way to applaud.  Why is Daddy's clapping wrong?  We don't know.  Doggie is a more reluctant student who shows no initiative, but the Nugget will grab her paws and slap them together, while she looks at us plaintively.  Doggie is usually rewarded with a biscuit for suffering this indignity.  We suspect that she is somehow communicating with the Nugget to get bonus treats.  "Psst, kid...kick me in the jimmy!"  (Doggie is a girl, but "Beavis and Butthead" fans will catch this reference.)

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  1. I loved having you at the kitchen table!! mom