Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Dear Nugget,

Like probably every parent before me, I worry about the kind of world we are leaving to you.  I can't watch the news because it scares me to think about all the anger, hate, apathy, and violence in the world.  On the bright side, when I look at the world from your eyes, it is still an amazing place where caterpillars change into butterflies, where snowflakes stick to your eyelashes, where the rustle of a tree's leaves can bring you both peace and awe.  And when I look INTO your eyes, I see hope for the future - that maybe your generation CAN succeed where we've failed.  And that inspires me to pull those plastic windows out of the envelopes so I can recycle just a little bit more and take some time to find old coats we can donate to the homeless shelter.  So thanks for being my big bright spot of hope - you are making me a better person.  With that, here are my wishes for you in 2009:

-That you can welcome your baby brother or sister into the world.  I know you're going to be a wonderful big brother.
-Although Daddy is starting grad school soon, that you can still make quality time together.
-That we get good use out of our zoo membership and that maybe you can appreciate something there besides the giant windmill.   Now I'm happy to sit on a bench, sip my coffee, and watch you gaze at that windmill.  But I'm just sayin', there are other cool things you might notice if you could only tear yourself away from the glorious spinning.
-That you enjoy your music classes which start later this month.  I know I'm excited!
-That crayons can become tools of your artistry, as opposed to appetizers.
-That we slow down together, and enjoy living in the moment.
-That you continue to find adventure and amazement in every experience.
-That you continue to have patience with your rookie parents and remember, although you probably feel like our student, in reality, you are our teacher.

Happy New Year, kiddo!


  1. This is so beautiful, Annie! You are such a wonderful mom, and I pray that you get another baby to love soon!

  2. Such a wonderful post! And I wanted to mention what an AWESOME photo that is of the three of you! If you don't have one already, I would say that's your DBP letter photo!

    Much love, Margi

  3. Margi - yup, it's already in our DBP letter!

  4. You're such a great blogger. It's thoughtful, humourous, reflective, entertaining, informative. It's like a perfect novel, except I personally know the characters...hehe.
    B ":o)