Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Larger than life

As the Nugget just went into 4T tops and size 9 shoes, I am forced once again, to realize that he is the average size of a kid more than twice his age. The above picture features the Nugget at 6 months old, when he was wearing the 18 month clothes he "should" be wearing NOW, one year after this photo was taken. I have actually never seen a child his age and size, which I suppose is what happens when your child is in the 99th percentile. The chance of meeting that 1% is pretty slim.

Pros of having a bigger boy:
1. I never have to worry about him gaining weight. I know this is a constant struggle for parents of premies, and I am very thankful that we've never had to count calories or literally cry over spilt milk.
2. I don't worry about him holding his own when he's playing with older children. Sure, he takes tumbles now and then, and I don't mean I let him play with tween skateboarders, just that if we're in the crowded mall play space and there are some 5 year olds running and jumping, I don't have to protectively hover over the Nugget.
3. I don't like making generalizations, but I think there might be some truth to the "Napoleon complex" and the "gentle giant". The Nugget could easily throw his weight around with his peers when he doesn't get his way, but (so far, knock on wood), he is surprisingly gentle with others.

Challenges of having a bigger boy:
1. Wow, I have spent a lot of money on clothes. He has whizzed through the sizes like wildfire, and every time I think we have a good 6 months before his closet needs replenishing, he has another growth spurt. We have gotten a few hand-me downs (thanks J!) but most of his older friends are in smaller sizes, so more commonly, we are handing-UP to them. I do the consignment thing whenever I have Daddy-backup, but my will to shop around has been extinguished by the Nugget's will to scream bloody murder when I browse.
2. The hardest thing for me is that most adults and older kids assume that the Nugget is about 3 years old. This is totally understandable. But as he is becoming more sentient of conversations around him, I hate that he is constantly hearing from adults, "Oh, he's still in diapers? He isn't talking much yet, huh?" And from the kids, "Why won't he answer me? What's wrong with him?" I perkily and constantly explain to the confused that even though he is tall, he is still a baby, only 1.5 years old. I need the Nugget to know that I'm not ashamed of him, that he's big and beautiful, and there's nothing "wrong with him". But I worry that when he goes off to preschool, when I'm not there to protect him, that his peers and teachers will consciously and subconsciously hold expectations for him that are meant for a child of his size, not his age. I suppose it will be his karmic payback for being chosen first for teams in gym class.

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  1. I didn't realize Brady boy was wearing a 4T and size 9...he and D are wearing exactly the same size...too CUTE..sorry I can't pass clothes on to Brady...