Friday, January 30, 2009

The simple life

One thing that Hubby and I discussed before we had kids is the way we hoped we could live simply together.  Neither of us grew up with a lot of money but we never felt deprived either (well, I belly-ached a lot about not getting a certain Breyer horse stable, but that's another story).  We were the kids who never got to buy a bouncy ball from the dispenser at the grocery store, my mom gave us 2 choices at Taco Bell (hard or soft taco), and when she let us choose candy bars from the vending machine after swim class, we considered it the height of luxury.  I want our kids to have the same kind of experience.  We appreciated that stale Snickers bar so much because it was a treat, not an expected daily snack.

So here are a couple photos of the Nugget appreciating, LOVING his special early Valentine's Day balloon.  We pass the balloons each week at the grocery store, his little arms outstretched towards them, grunting with hope.  The fact that I've never bought him one before now (Grammy and Grandpa bought him one when we moved in so he hasn't been completely balloon-less) makes this one all the more special.  He's been walking it around the house like a dog on a leash.  Priceless.

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