Thursday, January 8, 2009

You spin me right round, baby, right round

Before I become a Mommy, I oddly had the subconcious notion that babies had vague interchangeable personalities, and real opinions and preferences didn't kick in until the 2nd birthday.  Like they got a personality chip along with their birthday cake or something, I don't know.

Clearly, the privilege of parenting the Nugget and having the joy of getting to know many of his peers very well has stripped me of this insane idea.  Yes, babies are similar in many ways - they share a propensity to get messy when they're dressed nicely and you're heading out the door.  If you hand them a veggie in one hand and a cookie in the other, it's safe to say the cookie will be consumed first 98% of the time.  If you brag that your baby is finally sleeping through the night, he will hear you and decide to wake up 12 times the very next night!  BUT, they each have their own little quirks, right there from the very beginning.  And while that makes it impossible to write the Ultimate Baby Handbook that every parent wishes they had, it's also what makes life with a "small size human" (as my friend L puts it!) so interesting and fun!

Some of the Nugget's quirks:
- While most newborns are fascinated with ceiling fans, the Nugget's obsession with them continues.  Our new home has 4 of them - instant entertainment!  Pictured above is the Nugget grinning at Grammy's ceiling fan (the fan is not pictured but will give you an idea of the bliss).  The downside to this particular quirk is that there are often ceiling fans at restaurants, and as it is now winter, they are usually OFF.  That just won't do...we actually considered leaving a restaurant once because he was freaking out about the motionless ceiling fan.  We stayed.  He lived (but pouted).
- The Nugget loves the letter X and star shapes.  We think it's the symmetry, because he will turn the letter around and around.  
- While the Nugget enjoys playdates, his primary concern is not to collect the most toys or chase other children, but to flirt with the other moms.  His attention used to be focused on the baby girls, but now he has moved on to older women.
- The Nugget's favorite thing to do while shopping is to test fragrances.  Even during the worst temper tantrum at the mall, if I can find him a scented candle to sniff, he'll perk right up and enjoy his aromatherapy.
- The Nugget does a little happy dance when he tastes something he likes.  It's a happy side-to-side of the head and shoulders, and I don't think he knows that he does it.  I hope this quirk lasts, because it would be hilarious to see a teenage Nugget bopping around over a plate of nachos.

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  1. OK, I have this hysterical picture of him, at 15, dancing around the kitchen obliviously. That would be too funny!!