Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just a little Monk-ish

I'm not sure how many of you have seen the TV show, "Monk".  It's about a dectective with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  I did a report on OCD when I was in high school, partially because I find it fascinating and partially because I think I have a touch of it myself.

Well, the Nugget is starting to display some "Monk-ish" tendencies himself.  I'm not sure if it's my own issues rubbing off on him or if it comes from within.  It's not to a worrisome degree - it doesn't at all affect his ability to enjoy life or socialize, so it's more of a quirk, and may be just a passing toddler phase.  And if not, well, the attention to detail would be considered a plus in many career fields!

Some examples:

1.  My parents noted that when he helped put away the vacuum cleaner during their visit, he drove it directly to its spot and fussed until they turned it "just so" into the corner.  

2.  There are also certain doors in the house that we usually keep closed for safety during the day, and if he notices one open, usually he will walk right up to it and shut it.   

3.  The Nugget has gotten into the habit of handing me things from his plate that he doesn't want.  I will eventually help him break this habit, but it is far preferable to me than him throwing them on the floor.  This skill is also starting to translate to the clumps of dog hair he finds on the floor, so lately I have been the lucky recipient of up to 10 lint balls a day.  

4.  The Nugget's highchair tray has a snazzy cup holder.  The Nugget will shove stray food aside to get his cup back in the cup holder, no matter what.  If I set it down on his tray in any other place, he immediately repositions it to its holder.

5.  The Nugget dislikes a burned out lightbulb in any fixture.  This morning, he pointed to a dead bulb with much fussing.

6.  Doggie enjoys sleeping on the Nugget's play rug.  She does the usual scratching and turning routine before napping, so this musses his rug a bit.  Yesterday, Daddy noticed the Nugget straightening his rug after the Doggie moved.


  1. I went through the same thing! He also had to line his trucks/trains/cars up and if one of them moved even a centimeter, there was a full blown meltdown! Thank goodness he grew out of it!

  2. Noah on Monk-ish behavior:
    - Cannot stand open doors, drawers, cupboards = checked.
    - Cannot stand anything left on his tray when done eating = checked.
    - Cannot stand having his morning milk anywhere but on high chair = checked.
    Annie, it could be that it is age related :), you know, things remaining the same, the same routine etc... The door, drawer thing is the most problematic though as I worry for his hands and ours too!