Friday, February 27, 2009

Teeny tiny baby things

We tossed out the Nugget's 5 oz. bottles when the BPA-scare hit last year, so today I bought some replacements for Lil Sib.  They are glass bottles, which seem insane, but they have little silicone leotards to protect them if dropped or thrown.  (I'll get back to you after they've been field-tested.)  They were about a third of the price of the plastic Born Frees I had intended to purchase.  For the most part, I'm waiting to purchase baby gear this time around:  we have most of what we need already and we don't know how long the wait will be.  But there's a 30% chance that we will get the call after our baby is born and will have just hours to get ourselves to the West Coast.  Then, no matter what, we will be staying in the baby's birth state for a week waiting for interstate compact, so I am slowly assembling a bag of necessities for Lil Sib.  Now including 6 leotard-ed, just-sterilized bottles. 

On March 10, our report is going before the IN agency board for approval.  Then it goes to our primary agency, and we're in the pool, hopefully just in time to celebrate with green beer.  When we made the decision to adopt the first time, we went from intake to pool entry in 4 months.  This time, the same process, complicated by a second agency's involvement and a cross-country move, will have taken 11 months.  That's 11 months of order to wait some more!  Buying baby bottles may not seem post-worthy, but plunking down that $20 at Kmart today made me feel like, "This is finally, really going to happen."


  1. That is so awesome that the report is finally getting sent in! Here is to a quick waiting period!

  2. New bottles with LEOTARDS = fun. Wheee!

  3. I love those!! They look so cute, and how smart!! You know someone's making a mint on those things!
    B ":o)

  4. May you be at the end of the "wait" for Lil Sib....we are all crossing fingers, toes and hearts (can you do that) the the lil sib will find you all soon:O}