Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Nugget...Toddler Nugget

Baby Nugget always wanted to cuddle..Toddler Nugget runs laughing away from hugs.
Baby Nugget and I had an understanding...Toddler Nugget reinvents himself each day.
Baby Nugget was helpless...Toddler Nugget is capable.
Baby Nugget was easygoing and flexible...Toddler Nugget craves control and predictability.
Baby Nugget loved meeting new people...Toddler Nugget is wary, then warms up.
Baby Nugget watched and absorbed...Toddler Nugget is eager to try and do.
Baby Nugget had a sweet smile...Toddler Nugget's laugh can melt the coldest of hearts.
Baby Nugget relied on me...Toddler Nugget loves me as fiercely as I love him.  
Baby Nugget needed me to always say yes...Toddler Nugget needs me to set limits.
When Toddler Nugget first appeared, I wished I could wind back the clock and make him Baby Nugget again.  But as we grow and learn together, he is teaching me how to be a better Mommy, a better person, and although I will always love the baby he was, I think I love him even more each day.  I know just when I get used to Toddler Nugget, he will turn into something else entirely, each stage with its own challenges and joys.

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  1. you are so right Annie!!! and in your case just when you get perfectly accustomed to this new Toddler phase, you will start anew with the BABY phase with number 2..I'll be checking in with you on your sanity level then,....LOL!!