Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Counting our blessings

I read an article, can't remember where, about happiness.  About why some people are optimists and other pessimists, about how we set our own bars for what makes us happy.  That our "bar setting" is partially genetic but in no means written in stone.  That the truly happy people don't necessarily have these incredible lives but find fulfillment and peace in the mundane.  And I realized that although I'd like to be an optimist and I am for other people's lives, I am a pessimist about my own life.  It's just that my bar is set too high.  I could blame Disney movies, but really the only one that deserves blame is myself.  I am my own worst enemy, the murderer of my own happiness.

So, today I am going to take a baby step towards lowering my bar by writing down the many blessings I and my family have to be thankful for, in no specific order:

Friends both near and far
Free college tuition for Nugget and Lil Sib
The opportunity and choice to be a SAHM and a husband who supports whatever choice I make
A husband who is the most involved caring Daddy I could ever hope for
Books and blogs that inspire me
Safe Neighborhood
Electricity and heat
Internet access and a phone to connect us to the world
2 working cars
Enough money
Chubby animals without necks
That we were chosen to be the Nugget's parents
That we have the opportunity to be chosen again
An adoption agency whose philosophy fits our own
That I have patience, resources, and support to be a good parent
That we are open to learning from our experiences
That we have a chance to take care of our environment every day
A strong marriage and a weekly date night
That our country is under new leadership and has a chance to start fresh in many arenas
Glass jars and pretty boxes
A freshly de-cluttered desk
Spring sunshine
A park, zoo, and farmers' market within walking distance
A little garden patch in our backyard with unlimited potential

Wow, that's a lot off the top of my head.  I feel happier already.  Having a bad day?  I challenge you to write your blessings down today too.

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