Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For the grandparents...

Just a random list of updates!

New Nugget Tricks:
-Walking backwards
-Climbing and sliding at the park by himself
-Jumping off a tall platform at the park, with a hand from Mommy or Daddy
-Scooting down stairs, facing forward on bottom by himself or walking down steps with help
-Can throw a small ball about 3 feet
-Signs:  dog, cat, bird, duck, kangaroo, mouse, bat, sheep, lion, zebra, train, car, tree, leaf, shoes, milk, bread, cookie, cake, strawberry, grapes, cracker, banana, fruit, more, water, please, book, ball, finished, boy
-Linking signs together like "more cracker please" or "please sheep book"
-New words:  What is that?, mum-mum (brand of rice cracker), pizza, ball
-Sounds:  shhh, moo, woo-woo (woof)
-Current book picks:  The Little Lamb, Sheep in a Shop, Green Eggs and Ham, Whistle for Willie

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