Saturday, March 7, 2009

Playground antics

The sun appeared and spring was here for a few days!  The Nugget and I love being outside around other people, so when the weather turns nice, we head directly for our neighborhood park.  Here's a few of his experiences:

-Went up to several preschool age children (he looks for kids his own size to play with but they are usually 3 or 4) and petted their hair gently with one finger.  Got a lot of odd looks!  I'm glad he's being gentle - next we'll work on asking permission before invading personal space.

-Was obsessed with the merry-go-round, which doesn't surprise me.  It's like a giant ceiling fan that you can RIDE!  Took a couple tumbles when he tried to dismount while it was still in motion, but by the end of the second day was learning to sit still and hold on tight.  

-Is going down big boy slides with no help from me.  Some of these slides are TALL!  Heart attack city for Mommy.  But I'm so proud of him and want to encourage his physical skills so I try to just stay near and spot.  Luckily, the park has squishy rubberized ground instead of concrete.

-Walked up to a nice older gentleman (maybe reminded him of Grandpa or Papa?) and shook his hand firmly with a big smile.  As in, "Nice to meet you, sir."  The man was tickled to death, and I couldn't believe the Nugget knows how to shake hands!

-Tried desperately to get the attention of an oblivious teenage girl by laughing, coughing, jumping, smiling, and playing peekaboo - alas all in vain.

-Is Velcro boy no longer!  In the fall when we went to the same park, he would not leave my side and I had to cajole him to try any of the equipment.  Now he spots the park and takes off like a rocket.  I am way impressed at my fellow mamas with multiple children.  I can imagine the park is going to be a huge challenge once Lil Sib is here and gains mobility.  Perhaps by then, the Nugget will be old enough to shout, "Are you watching me?" loudly and constantly enough that I'll be able to gauge his position from across the park while spotting Lil Sib.


  1. When lil sib gets here you will be an old pro at the park. Trust me, if I do a somewhat decent job at the park with 2, then you are going to be fantastic!

  2. A ceiling fan you can ride! That's the best line!