Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was reading Mom-101 the other day and this post totally struck a chord.  Not the class mom part, I would rock at that, but about occasionally feeling inadequate.  My truth is, I have a finite amount of energy, and like so many parents before me, I have prioritized and let go.  In the spirit of full disclosure and so not to seem self-deprecating, here are the things that I care about the the things that I let slide (and that's putting it nicely).  But I've come to realize that slacking a little makes me a happier, calmer person.  What things do you care about most?  Least?

My Mommyhood Priorities:
1.  Teaching the Nugget kindness, gentleness, and compassion
2.  Helping the Nugget play outside whenever possible or finding indoor physical activities
3.  Reading
4.  Limiting TV (1 educational show a day)
5.  Exposing the Nugget to a variety of music 
6.  Scheduling social activities for the Nugget
7.  Making sure the Nugget has enough downtime and opportunity for sleep
8.  Cloth diapers when we're at home

Ways I Slack:
1.  Housecleaning - no white glove awards in my future EVER!  
2.  Cooking - it could be healthier.  I like cheese.  A lot.
3.  I do not iron the Nugget's clothes, nor do I change his outfit when he gets a little yogurt on the sleeve or a grass stain on the knee.
4.  I don't have the patience for cloth wipes anymore, nor do I cloth diaper when the Nugget is sleeping or when we travel.
5.  I usually bring store-bought snacks for playdates.
6.  I should email more pictures and make more prints for friends and family, but instead I direct them to a photo website.
7.  I refuse to even consider potty training or a big boy bed at present.  My philosophy on these issues is to wait until the last possible minute in the hopes he will be so overdue that he'll train himself on both.  I would so much rather change diapers than play restroom roulette when we're out and about!
8.  I don't cook breakfast on weekdays.  It's hard enough for me to brew my cup of coffee, that magical elixir that makes me a half-way decent person in the morning.  Yogurt and cold cereal are my friends.
9.  Walking the dog - I used to be a faithful 3 a day, rain or shine, walker.  Now Doggie gets a walk with Hubby in the morning, and if she's lucky, some fetch in the backyard.  Walking a wayward toddler and a crazy-for-squirrels herding dog is just too much effort.


  1. Oh Annie, you make me laugh!
    "Playing the restroom roulette!"that's a good one.

  2. I like cheese too - it can be your moderationg...hehe
    B ":o)