Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Daddy's Turn

I realize that I never did post about my first night away from the Nugget.  I went to Chicago with some girlfriends.  We stayed on the Magnificent Mile, enjoyed some shopping sans strollers, hit a few bars, and stopped at IKEA on the way home.  We had a really fun time, and I surprised myself by not crying.  I did have a nearly tearful moment at IKEA, while befriending a sweetly rambunctious toddler girl about the Nugget's age.  I just imagined how much he would have enjoyed meeting her and how much I missed him in that moment, but we were on our way home, which was perfect timing.

Daddy and Nugget managed beautifully while I was away.  The house was in its usual state, the Nugget did not go without meals, and they both were happy and content with their quality man time together.  Daddy reported that the Nugget didn't even seem to miss me, which prompted mixed feelings.  I am super glad that Daddy is so capable and competent, that the Nugget trusts and loves Daddy, but a tiny selfish part of me wanted to be missed.

Next week is Daddy's turn for some time away.  He'll be at a conference from Sunday through Friday.  Eeek.  I can definitely manage a couple of days, but I'm pretty nervous about solo parenting for a full week.  Some days it feels like an eternity before he arrives home from work, and I immediately run for the office for some computer time or lock myself in the kitchen to make dinner.  It's not a lot of alone-time, but it does help keep me sane.  I've called in Grammy for backup - she'll help for 3 of those days, and I'll use our standing date night to run errands and relax with a coffee, so I won't be totally alone.  I imagine, without a helper to keep the Nugget out of the kitchen, he will either get a an extra video each day or we'll be eating a lot of frozen meals!  (I know that normal moms cook with their toddlers otherwise occupied in the kitchen, but I have a holy horror of the Nugget grabbing a knife by the blade, opening the hot oven, or reaching for the pretty blue gas flame, and the kid is FAST!)

Sometimes I feel inadequate when other moms claim that dad is more of a hindrance than a help, that they do it all themselves, that they can't trust dad to take care of the kids on his own.  I am so thankful and rely so much on my Hubby.  I might be the primary caregiver, but I am only one half of the team.  I'll miss you, dear teammate.  Be safe and hurry home!

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