Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kid's got range

The Nugget has really found his voice.  I mean, REALLY.  In the car, he is constantly singing along to the music.  At home, he'll babble a narration to everything he is doing, whether it's taking his wooden penguin for a walk or cooking up an entree in his play kitchen.  And when we go shopping, he'll test his lung and volume capacity.  A preschooler, who had the unfortunate timing to be shopping with his mama at the same time the Nugget realized I had tricked him into stopping at Gymboree (to use my 30% off coupon on the clearance racks of course - someday he will realize that to get me to stay out of the stores, all he must do is hide my coupon folder), stuck his tiny fingers in his ears and implored, "Mom, why is that baby screaming?"  Why indeed. 

The funniest thing, at this moment in time, is that the Nugget has quite a pitch range.  He says some words in a very high, typical-toddler register, like "Doggie", "Daddy", and "Up".  Other words, like "Mama" and "Yay", get the special Barry White treatment, in a low, low voice that you can't imagine a toddler could employ.  Sometimes, they'll even be in the same sentence.  "Up-up-up! (in a high squeaky mice-in-Cinderella tone) YAY! (in his sultry bass voice).  

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