Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Comedian

Dear Nugget,

I just have to tell you how hilariously funny you are at this age.  I hope your sense of humor is forever and not just a passing phase.  I have good reason to believe it will be - you love to smile and laugh, and you love to make others smile and laugh with you.  Other times, your hilarity is unintentional.  Just some snippets of your recent "funny business":

-Today the temperature hit the 9o's, so of course we had to "celebrate" with ice cream.  Daddy shared his caramel-cashew scoop with you, but boy, did you feel it was the other way around.  You wrapped your fingers in an iron grip around the cone, and glared up Daddy with every bite he took.  You said not a word, but slurped and glared until the last drippy bite was consumed.

-Sometimes I believe you are on a mission to give me hiccups.  You stop what you're doing and fling your body on the floor or couch.  You roll around with glee, kick your perfect pink toes high in the air, and slam them down.  You laugh, get up, run laps around the room, shake your head to whatever crazy drummer is playing in your head, and repeat until I am nearly in tears from laughter.

-You are a little too exuberant with balloons.  Your love for them is too much, too physical for the flimsy latex versions to bear.  When (not if, when) they pop, you do not scream nor cry.  You barely flinch from the sound, but look all around, astonished, trying to figure out where your round buoyant friend went.  It's as if you are trying to figure out a magician's magic trick.

-You like to do rhythmic gymnastics with your bedtime giraffe.  You take giraffe in your arms and spin yourself in circles, waving the giraffe up and down while you twirl in place.  

I love you, funny boy.


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