Thursday, August 6, 2009


Dear Nugget,

Every so often, Daddy and I look at you and marvel, "Look at that boy!  Wasn't he just a baby yesterday and now he's this running, talking, thoughtful person with his own ideas, opinions, and interests!"  It's really truly amazing to witness you growing before our eyes.

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to really notice zillions of subtle changes that have built up to a giant change.  Today at our playdate (we've been MIA for nearly a month while we travelled twice, were chosen then not-chosen for adoption, had your Tummy Mummy visit, and then had Daddy out of town), my friends A & K noticed that you have really burst out of your shell.  Last month, you were still quite clingy to me and needed a good amount of time to warm up to your little friends, spending most of the time content to munch crackers from the safety and comfort of my lap.  

The other day, we walked up to the playground, you spotted your buddies, and away you went, climbing, laughing, running, playing with wild abandon.  You barely touched your lunch or even the sweet treats, squirming down from the table, begging, "Pway, pway, pway!"  

And so you pwayed the morning away - happy, dirty, free.

I love you,


  1. And boy was it cute to notice that! He is totally growing up before our eyes!

  2. How did I not know you had a blog?! All this time I could have been reading!

    You have been dutifully added to my Google Reader. :)

    Oh, and that picture of Brady couldn't be any cuter.