Saturday, August 29, 2009

Falling in Love with Two

Yes, the Twos can be terrible, but in between the tantrums, I am really falling more in love with the Nugget each day.  Some examples of awesome-ness.

-We play this game where I roll him in a blanket, call him a burrito, and pretend to eat him up.  We've been doing this for about a year now, ever since he was big enough for rough and tumble play.  Now he asks for the game by bringing me a blanket and saying "num-num-num".

-We both like to laugh maniacally.  We take turns like a couple of mad scientists.  My favorite part is when we get right in each other's faces and laugh our heads off.  Yes, sometimes we play this in public.  

-The Nugget has finally mastered several finger rhymes, you know, like "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", "5 Little Monkeys", "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider", and several other lesser known ones that we picked up at library story times and Kindermusik.  There is just nothing greater than the Nugget proudly "washing out" the spider after 2 years of just watching slack-jawed.  

-Totally on his own, he started unstacking our wooden coasters and lining them up on the floor, end-to-end.  He straightens them out so they make a perfectly straight path, then cues parental applause.  What he's doing or why he's doing it, we don't know, but it is really cute (maybe a little OCD) and very interesting that he's come up with his own unique way to play.

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  1. The slack-jaw part makes me giggle out loud. There are two things that make me smile when I think about Nuggey's baby days: him being slack-jawed and all that drool! ~Christa