Friday, August 28, 2009

Top 10 - Two Years

While I try not to compare the Nugget to his peers, noticing personality differences are inevitable.  While I wouldn't say that the Nugget is any easier or any harder to parent than another 2 year old, what I can say with confidence is that he lives life with INTENSITY.  He experiences every emotion on the highest setting, which for Mommy and Daddy is both a blessing and a curse.  

Let's just say that if a young couple were to observe us over the course of an hour, we can easily swing from being the BEST BIRTH CONTROL EVER (cue screaming red-faced boy taking wild swings at us) to being the COVER OF A PARENTING MAGAZINE (cue angelic smiling boy proffering hugs and peace on earth).

Top 10 Assaults on the Nugget's Dignity that are met with Fierce Resistance
10.  Rinsing hair
9.  Washing face
8. Trimming hair
7.  Removing pajama top
6.  Buckling seatbelts ("I do it!")
5.  Putting on hoods or hats
4.  Serving the "wrong" type of cereal
3.  Giving Doggie a treat without offering the same treat to the Nugget (note that Doggie treats are stinky salmon pellets)
2.  Serving the Nugget most forms of meat:  he is a vegetarian who makes exceptions for Chik-fil-A nuggets and extra-crispy bacon, neither of which are healthy enough to serve him on a daily basis.  Hmm, maybe I should let him have the salmon pellets...
1.  Putting on music without consulting him regarding the selection

Top 10 Things that Make the Nugget Beam with Unadulterated Joy
10.  Playing with trains - Santa is looking for a used train table for Christmas.
9.  Driving the car.  He gets to sit in the driver's seat for a minute upon arrival at home (after the car has been turned off of course).  He very seriously checks the mirrors, adjusts the temperature dials, wipers, and turn signals. 
8.  Picking his own spoon out of the drawer at breakfast time
7.  Pouring liquids
6.  Singing the alphabet song
5.  Playing at parks
4.  Chasing buh-flies (butterflies)
3.  Buckling himself into his highchair
2.  Zipping his own jacket
1.  Meeting new doggies


  1. Great lists, as usual. I say let him eat the salmon pellets and see what happens! Haha! xox, ~Christa P.S. I see train tables on CL all the time. Good luck!

  2. My brother ate a Milk-Bone (on a dare) and he's still alive. He said it didn't taste great, but...

    With my little brother, he liked to do the seatbelt too, so I always said 'Make it click' and he became a pro at it!